Clementine is back in her third season for The Walking Dead, but she is not the full focus of the game this time around. Follow Javier, his sister-in-law and his niece and nephew as they try to survive out on the road after the zombie apocalypse. Lots of family matters involved in this one, and Clementine just happens to be meandering along and included into the family drama and storyline. A group called The New Frontier are involved and lots of choices go into this journey across the five chapters. Despite Clementine not being the full focus of this one, I felt that this one was better than the second season and there was a LOT more at stake in your choices this time around. I really felt like I had to think about my options a lot more in this one than I had before in the first two seasons. This was my first time playthrough of this game, and I tried to make all the best decisions I possibly could. I look forwards to playing the final season of The Walking Dead with Clementine and seeing how her journey comes to an end!