Let’s Play Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory

It’s about time we play our next game in the Splinter Cell franchise! This includes the entire game on normal difficulty, all the way to the Japanese ISDF final level of the game. We play through New York City, Korea and Japan as Sam tries to uncover the plot to involving global war, nuclear weapons and betrayal amongst different world governments. This time, it involves Korea and Japan and a mercenary group known as Displace International ran by our old friend Doug Shetland who we previously met in the Pandora Tomorrow video game. This game feels like to a lot of people that it’s peak Splinter Cell, and I was happy to have played through it. We’ll do the co-op missions next, and then we’re off to Double Agent and the Xbox 360 era after this one!

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    Let’s Play Hitman GO (Steam)

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    Let’s Play No One Lives Under the Lighthouse (Steam)

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