Let’s Play Turok: Dinosaur Hunter

This was my first time ever playing the original Turok: Dinosaur Hunter game before and it was a very interesting concept! You have to find all of the keys on all of the levels in order to progress and make it to the final boss, which is a guy dressed up as Shao Kahn from Mortal Kombat or something. The storyline is a bit strange, as you are fighting dinosaurs obviously, but also guys in cybernetic outfits as well as other native people from the planet” or wherever you are at. Things get really weird towards the end of the game, as it becomes more sci-fi than anything else. The game felt and played just fine on this version of the game on PC/Steam, and I had a fun time getting through it regardless. You can always go back and repeat levels if you missed any of the necessary keys to advance through the game, which is nice.

  • Let’s Play Hitman GO (Steam)
    Let’s Play Hitman GO (Steam)

    We run through all box sets and levels, getting every single 100% objective in the game! This was a pretty fun puzzler game that requires you to think pretty hard about enemy movement and timing. Overall, a fun experience that’s pretty laid back and makes you brain think a little bit. I enjoyed the references…

  • Let’s Play Spyro: Year of the Dragon
    Let’s Play Spyro: Year of the Dragon

    Our third Spyro game and the final for the Reignited Trilogy takes place on the first day of the Chinese Lunar New Year on the year of the dragon: 2024! What incredible timing! We get the full 100%+ completion, bonus level and special cutscene! What a great way to end off our reignited adventures with…

  • Let’s Play No One Lives Under the Lighthouse (Steam)
    Let’s Play No One Lives Under the Lighthouse (Steam)

    This creepy old island that contains a lighthouse must be maintained by your lonely character. As the days progress, you’ll find out that not everything is what it seems on this island and that there are things happening beyond your imagination