Let’s Play Wally Bear and the NO! Gang

I first heard about this game from the Angry Video Game Nerd, like probably most people did, unless you just simply grew up with this game back in the original Nintendo days. As the 420th game completion on my Twitch channel and YouTube, I decided to go about the anti-drug campaign of the 90’s and roll on the skateboard with Wally Bear as he tries to get to his uncle’s house before dark and save members of his NO! Gang before they make bad decisions! Taking pills, thievery, drunk driving and other things make their way as subjects in this game that was pretty on point. It’s just too bad that the later levels turn the game’s usual difficulty of a 2/10 into an absolute 9/10! The sewer looking levels and temple are absolutely ridiculous with the amount of flying enemies and fireballs being thrown at you. Otherwise, this is a nice little casual game that wants to tell you about doing drugs is a bad thing. I wouldn’t pick any other game to represent the 420th game completion at Croakitoad!

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