Let’s Play WWE Legends of Wrestlemania

I hadn’t played this game in ages, so it was nice to return to one of the old WWE video games I used to play around the Xbox 360 era. I had already got the 1000gs on this game ages ago, but just to return back and play through all three modes again was pretty fun. I quickly remembered, however, just how annoying the controls are and how I am so glad that they never really went with this control scheme for the main games. For example, waiting for an opponent to be groggy on the outside of the ring and pressing the right button just to get a steel chair? Boy, that was super annoying. This playthrough runs through all three modes of Relive, Rewrite and Recreate through some of the best WWE/WWF Wrestlemania moments up to Wrestlemania XV. I guess anything after 2000 would not qualify as a legend at the time of this game’s release. By the way, the lack of “Macho Man” Randy Savage in this game is abhorrently obvious. It’s too bad that they came to terms later on his trademark and likeness and missed the boat on this game.

Editor’s Note: I had to include the Twitch.tv VOD instead of the YouTube link on this one. This is because if you dare upload this game to YouTube it will get blocked globally for having WWE content attached to it. What’s the point of releasing a video game then if you know people are going to let’s play it?!

Hard Link: Let’s Play: WWE Legends of Wrestlemania – Twitch

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