I ran through nine seasons of WWF SmackDown! to unlock all of the pieces for the hidden WWF superstars you can unlock all the way up to Pat Patterson, and then I played a few more years after that, all the way into 2012 as Paul Bearer. I decided to play as the lowest scoring/ranked superstar in the game and that was Paul Bearer at 0 points in season mode. I made it all the way up into the top fifteeen at one point, won the Royal Rumble match and the King of the Ring and never once walked away with a title shot. I wasn’t even booked at Wrestlemania! What kind of shoddy booking is this crap?! Either way, we made it work and had some really funny moments. Having to feud Vince & Shane McMahon for most of my career was starting to get annoying, especially when I made Vince McMahon say I QUIT at Wrestlemania and he still came back.