Let’s Play Mortal Kombat II

Kombating our way to the finish line against Shao Kahn, we got the Mileena ending. I showcased a bunch of cheese strats that allow for you to work your way through this super hard game with relative ease. Jax’s backbreaker strat is just a thing of beauty once you get it chained up correctly

Let’s Play Battlefield 3

Sgt. Blackburn gets interrogated about what went wrong during his squad’s attempt to find missing IED’s in Iran. The Russians somehow get involved and a nuke gets set off. Not known for its campaign, but this was a lot of fun on the hardest difficulty

Let’s Play Lost: Via Domus

You wake up on an island after your plane has crashed and must figure out how to get out of here. Other survivors from the show are around and you’ll interact with them as you work your way through seven episodes to the finish. If you are a fan of the show, you’ll enjoy this short experience