The 100th to 200th game completions at Croakitoad

It’s about time we catch up on our next one hundred game completions that I managed to take on here at the Croakitoad channel live on Twitch! How many of these amazing game completions and runs were you there for to watch live as they happened? While the last batch of games featured a lot of indy horror games during the first Croaktober event in October, this batch of games featured a lot more AAA horror game titles during that event, as you’ll see further down on this list. We tackled a lot of great main single player games and a lot of cooperative fun runs as well. We were pretty much all over the place for our next batch of hundred completions as we just try to tackle games left and right and really begin to start padding our completion count up here on the channel! Let’s dive right in here and get to the bottom of our completions to the big 200 completed mark!

#101: Erica
It’s our first game on the list, post 100 big completions on the new Croakitoad channel, and we’re diving into an FMV game featured on the PlayStation 4. This was an interesting game with a lot of twists and turns when it comes to the story. It really left you wondering all the way to the finish line. Not a hard completion at all, but featured a lot of different paths and endings you can take, which was a lot of fun. I am kind of a sucker for FMV type games, so this was a fun one to tack onto the list since we hadn’t really traveled down this road quite yet.

#102: What Remains of Edith Finch
We keep on the PlayStation 4 bandwagon and just keep that train on rolling through. We play another modern day game that could be considered a walking simulator, with a really deep story fixated on the family of Edith Finch and her ancestors. This tragic tale keeps us walking onwards as we try to figure out what the punchline is to the entire thing and find out that there’s a lot of tragic loss and horrible events that have taken place throughout the Finch family over the years. This one tackles mental health and real world issues in a way I haven’t played before, and it’s a real reality punch. At least we’re giving the PlayStation 4 some real good loving in our first two games into this run.

#103: The Order: 1886
This was one I had never played before, and I had heard a lot of people talking about it, but it just kind of quickly disappeared after the PlayStation 4 was out for a while. I had always wondered what this game was all about and why it just died so suddenly. It’s not a bad game, and brought a lot of ideas to the table. I can see why it kind of faltered and went away silently after a while, but that didn’t stop me from wanting to try it out for myself and further expand on some of the exclusives you’d only find on the PlayStation 4 console. Looking back, I didn’t realize just how stuck on that console I was when I was breaking into the 100 mark on game completions. Let’s keep it going then, shall we?

#104: Heavy Rain
Well hey, why not? When you think of Sony PlayStation console exclusives from the modern day, Heavy Rain should be one of the games at the top of the list. At least, until they started releasing games like this on PC/Steam here in recent years at the time of this article! Might as well jump right into Heavy Rain and get this one tackled out too while we’re on the PlayStation kick and get to the bottom of the Origami Killer! I had already played this one before, but it was fun to revisit and also completely and utterly break the game in the mall at the beginning of the game. One of the really wild moments I can remember from this time, lol.

#105: Trine
We’re five games in, and we’re finally off of that PlayStation theme after the events ending from Heavy Rain. This time around, we have a first time playthrough of Trine alongside my friends Zazzeris and Ashterial in this three-player mystical puzzler game. There’s also a sequel that we still haven’t played yet as of the writing of this article, but this game was good fun for a night as we tried to figure out how to maneuver through level after level utilizing our three characters’ skills to advance ourselves through the game. I can see why a lot of people like this game, and is surprisingly our first foray into the PC/Steam world on this list!

#106: Torchlight
I don’t think the following game also starting with the letter “T” has anything to do with the order of these games being played at all, but moreso that Trine reminded me that I really needed to play Torchlight for the first time and get through this single player game so that I can play the sequel and do it in coop alongside some friends! This was a fun Diablo-like that has a cool feature like adding a cat or a dog to adventure with you and retrieve and gather items for you. This isn’t a bad game if you are looking for something like Diablo but is a bit on the lite side of it. This is also a great addition to the variety on the list of games, so I was happy to play through this one to the finish line and add some more action RPG games to the list.

#107: Life is Strange: Before the Storm
We’re back to the world of Life is Strange, and checking out the story of Chloe as she enters her friendship with Rachel Amber and the events that follow. This is a prequel of sorts to the original Life is Strange game, and was the first time I had ever played this. This was a lot of fun to see what happens and all of the events leading up to the main game that I had already played, so this was a welcome addition to the lineup and another fun completion to take part in. I was happy to have continued the story, because it seems as though Life is Strange moves away from the same characters with the second game in the series.

#108: Serena
You’re locked inside a cabin and cannot escape, and can’t really remember the events leading to your enclosed situation either. As you meander around the inside of the cabin trying to remind yourself of events from the past mostly involving your wife, you find out that things aren’t as peachy as you might have remembered. By the time you get to the bottom of the mystery and figure out what’s going on, it might already be too late for you! This was an interesting addition to the lineup, as we’re diving deep into the Steam indy game library at this point, but I had played this one before and knew I wanted to tack it up onto the list. This game is rather short, as I was able to completed it in under an hour, but still a thriller for those having their first experience.

#109: They Breathe
This is another quickie completion here, as you are a frog diving deep into the underwater depths as you try to help your fellow froggies get out and escape to the surface. There are weird jellyfish monsters trying to attack and kill you, while attaching themselves to your frog brethren. Obviously, we needed to take this game down and get to the bottom of it just for the frog theme, but this was another example of diving into the ‘ole Steam library and getting another quick one knocked out. In fact, I’m pretty sure that this game was taken out in the same night as a few of these other completions.

#110: Dear Esther
We’re ten games deep now, and definitely in the weeds when it comes to our Steam library. I have no doubt in my mind that this bundle of games were all completed in the same night. In this particular tale, we are purely in the middle of a walking simulator, and actually the very first game to ever be dubbed that, if I recall correctly. I remember walking through this game while listening to all of the developer commentary and finding it all interesting. The game itself is visually pretty, as you are trying to figure out what all’s going on. At the very end of your peaceful journey on this isolated island, you find out that things aren’t exactly fun and games and ends on a pretty awful note. Yikes.

#111: DLC Quest
From the very beginning, this was going to be a completion that gets put on the list, it was just a matter of time before DLC Quest showed up. This was not my first time going through it, so I knew how quick this game could get put down. This game is actually quite good fun, as it mocks a lot of the video game universe like adding DLC and color to the video game, and even color. I’ve never played the sequel to this at the time of this article, but I really need to get around to doing that. This is a pretty common go-to game when it comes to trying to finish games off really quickly, so it’s surprising it took 111 games to get there, but also shows that I haven’t really been in a hurry to scratch off games to get where I’m trying to go.

#112: Sniper Elite V2 (w/ ClosingSniper)
We finally step out of the magical world of my Steam library and head onto the Xbox One, where we team up with ClosingSniper in our first game on the list to tackle the first Sniper Elite game on the list! This was good fun to snipe out nazis left and right through the campaign, which didn’t take that long, to be honest. I was so used to sniping nazi zombies in these games that I forgot that the main games are actually serious World War II games where you are trying to win the good ‘ole war! There was one particularly funny glitch where a nazi spawned right in front of me as I was coming down some stairs. I remember that one pretty fondly!

#113: Spec Ops: The Line
Back to PC again and we get to begin this game I had owned for a while, but never had the pleasure of playing. We finally get to the bottom of this single player campaign (and also playing the very short co-op campaign with Cokesodacan), and realize that this game is your average FPS military shooter that takes place in an alternate Dubai, but has an interesting plot twist at the very end of the game. It really leaves you wondering about the rest of the game leading up to the events at the game’s ending. That was pretty unique and interesting for an FPS game that I thought was just going to be another military shooter. Clever way of changing it all up right at the end!

#114: Borderlands (w/ Zazzeris, Ashterial & Cokesodacan)
Our first major cooperative game in this batch of games! While we did get to do the two player coop campaign back during Sniper Elite V2, the very first Borderlands in our list and the original game features four player support! We took full advantage of this, even if Zazzeris wasn’t feeling to well in terms of playing the game and we carried through to the finish line, taking down the final boss and also finishing out all of the attached DLC’s with the game! It’s always a fun time to run through Borderlands and meet Moxxi for the first time in her first DLC. I look forwards to playing the rest of the games in the Borderlands series, many of which I have actually never played before! Looking forwards to more cooperative gameplay in the Borderlands series!

#115: Blameless
This marks the beginning of Croaktober 2021! Blameless is our first game up on the list, as we meet up with a guy at a house for sale, but quickly realize things are not what they seem and there is now a man trying to kill us as we try to get out. All the doors are locked and sealed, and we can’t seem to jump high enough to get over the fences. There are dead bodies here. Try not to panic as we try to find a solution and get out of this mess! This is a pretty fun, albeit short, horror indy game that was fun to play to get us kickstarted into the month of October!

#116: EVIL
Okay, I’m really surprised this game didn’t make the cut in the first annual Croaktober. I’m actually surprised that I left this one out the first time around, but here we are. This is a really… odd… game. I’m surprised it was even ever actually released. In fact, you can’t even find it anymore on Steam and you can only get it by going to abandonware websites apparently. I’m not sure why you’d even want to look this game up, though. The translation on one of the puzzles is absolutely incorrect, and the loud screeching sounds that occur will completely blow your eardrums out. It was a fun game to play as a meme for horror month, but that’s about it.

#117: Fingerbones
Compared to the last game, this is one of the most grounded horror games ever created, and this one is about a father trying to unravel the events of his children’s demise while locked inside a bunker. Then, you find that really weird, hidden room at the very bottom of the bunker you are inside. Oh yeah, so there’s where the child went. Oopsies. This was another short horror story of a game, but at least it had the quality there of being a pretty fun and short horror experience compared to the complete insanity of the previous game.

#118: My Bones
I’m pretty sure to kick of Croaktober 2021, I just decided to install most of the really short horror indy games I had on my list and just plow through them to introduce us into what becomes a really great month of horror video games. I remember this game being really dark and being really confused about what was going on. I think I even glitched the game out at one time and had to restart all the way over, but I can’t fully remember. This is another one of those indy games that you can play and just completely forget about after a while. I don’t remember much here.

#119: Please
I thought we’d break through this block of pretty bad Steam indy horror games, but as I see this game pop up on the list, I actually do remember breaking this game and having to restart. I also remember the game being really dark and you couldn’t really see things that well, and being lost. A lot. I had to resort to a guide on this one I believe because the answer just wasn’t obvious at all. I think I found this one to be annoying. Just another tick to the completions list. I almost regret adding and counting these games on my completions list, but they are (were?) officially listed on Steam, so we are going to count them.

#120: The Cursed Forest
Okay, we’re getting somewhere now. This was a REALLY visually appealing game. The story was a bit hard to follow, and involved you walking around the forest trying to unravel all of the events surrounding the forest. There was also a creature running after you and trying to kill you, then befriend you, then try and kill you again. A bit confusing on the story taking place here, but I’ll go back to the game being really visually stunning. That’s the biggest thing I remember about this one. It was a fun experience to just walk through the forest while being completely confused about what all was going on.

#121: The Hat Man: Shadow Ward
I actually do remember this game, as you enter the insane asylum and try to find your child who was placed there. She is trying to tell you about the Hat Man, an evil spirit who begins chasing you throughout the building and if it touches you, you’re dead. You’ve got to find all of the items to advance the story while other ghosts also start chasing you around. It’s pretty simple in the Slenderman approach, but the story is easily understood and it’s just running around trying to collect items before you get touched. Pretty easy to avoid the ghosts coming after you, honestly.

#122: Neverending Nightmares
This was another one that was eventually going to get played, as I had played through the game before and knew just how much of a mindfuck it truly is. There are a lot of really disturbing things taking place in this game as you meander around the giant mansion trying to find your family? Ghosts and monsters are looming about and all you’ve got is this candle as you light your way from room to room getting to the bottom of the story. A lot of really psychological horror bits to this one, as well as gruesome scenes to sort yourself through. Obviously, the art style is the biggest takeaway from this game, as it really is a rarity in the way it is presented even through all of the murder and gore.

#123: Palmyra Orphanage
I remember thinking this game looked really cool and was really hoping for a big breakthough when it comes to horror gaming. You know, with a juicy story and a fun horror experience. I remember walking away from this game thinking it was kind of like that, but just lacking a bit. I’m not even really sure what all takes place in this game, but I do remember you are looking for your brother and that he went missing inside this abandoned orphanage and you begin to unravel the horrific events that used to take place there before it went out of business. Not good things, I tell you.

#124: Security Booth
This might actually be the first game on my list, coming in at number 124! This is a super simple game where you are standing in a security booth allowing cars to come in or leave the premises. Really strange things begin occuring and ends in a series of two different endings for you, depending on some of the choices you made during the few cars that you’ve let through or not. I found this game to be a bit disturbing, but really cool for what it was. A rather short game, but I wasn’t expecting much either. This was super short, but was a fun experience from what all has been played so far in the 2021 Croaktober event.

#125: Sonic.EXE
This one had actually been requested for me to play during Croaktober 2021, so here we are. There’s not really much to say about this game, other than the fact that you are walking around as Sonic and then lots of creepy and horrifying things happen to our childhood mascot that would never happen in an actual Sega property. This happens a few times, with some really horrific scenes of gore and violence. I can see how some people might be scarred by this type of things, or even jumpscared. I’ve been desensitized for so long that I just found this to be kind of funny, more than anything.

#126: Summer of ’58
There was a lot of controversy surrounding this game, but I can’t really remember what all the fuss was about. It had something to do with the developer losing a lot of money on the game because they got a bad deal after the fact, or something or other. I remember playing this game finding it to be actually quite enjoyable for a horror game, and had a few jumpscares actually. It had an interesting story to it, and actually got me a few times in terms of the scary moments. If anyone ever says the game is bad, I’m not really sure what they are talking about, because trust me, if you’ve been reading along here, I’ve played some bad games. Summer of ’58 is definitely not in the same category as some of these other gems I’ve played for Croaktober 2021.

#127: Uventa
I had this game on my Steam library for ages, and remember counting down the days to Croaktober so that I could finally install this game and finally try it out for myself. The reviews were kind of mixed at the time and that’s kind of what got my interest. It’s just a game you don’t really ever hear anything about unless you really deep dive into it. In this one, you are a security guard working overnight at an abandoned school or some sort, and lots of wild, horrific things start happening on your shift. A madman starts chasing you and wanting to kill you, for example. It’s an interesting take, and has a lot of running and item collecting. Another example of a game that wasn’t really that bad. I don’t remember it breaking or bugging out on me, and while it wasn’t visually stunning or anything, it ran well and served its purpose.

#128: Blair Witch
Ah yes, the Bloober Team’s efforts at bringing the Blair Witch to the forefront! This is the game where !thereitis hails from, an infamous soundbyte that always seems to get airtime anytime the stream is live! This game is really confusing and hard to follow, but I suppose such is to be expected when it comes to the Blair Witch universe. I remember being on the edge of my seat, ready to be scared out of my wits at the end of the game, only to be kind of let down by the ending. The game in itself is really wants to make something out of itself, but I feel like it just kind of falls flat before it can hit you with anything really epic. Other than Bullet going down, I can’t really remember any big moments from the playthrough.

#129: Layers of Fear
We’re starting to crack into the good stuff for Croaktober 2021, I can tell. The really bad indy Steam stuff seems to be probably behind us here, as we get deeper into the month of October 2021. Layers of Fear is a great one, and nothing bad can really be said about it. It’s just one of those games that really hits on all cylinders when it comes to the horror genre, and gets it right. Visually, it’s really good, and it tackles the visual mind game effects really, really well! One of the best games to do it that I’ve ever played, in fact. Turning around, only to turn around again and have the entire room change. That type of stuff. It’s really good, I’m glad that Layers of Fear made the cut this time around. We’re starting to counter the bad with the good here.

#130: Silver Chains
You are in a creepy old mansion, which has all the great aesthetic of my favorite game of all time: Resident Evil. It was fun traversing through the entire thing and exploring all the areas to explore throughout the place, while supernatural things are happening all around you. I have to be honest that outside of that, I don’t really remember much of this game. I remember the story trying to get you suckered in, and that’s great. However, I feel like the game was somewhat forgettable. I seem to recall there being some sort of supernatural powers in the game as well, but I just don’t remember enough about this experience to really comment about it.

#131: A Place, Forbidden
This game is weird. Really weird. It’s like Silent Hill if you played on really old school graphics. The storyline is really odd and hard to follow, but the visuals are obviously what make this game. Just a lot of really weird and unappealing things tied together in horrific elements as you progress through the game. It’s one of those pixelated horror games, but it just has freaky deaky environments as you move through the game, changing the landscape as you progress further in. Pretty puzzly, too.

#132: Black Rose
It’s funny going from something like Layers of Fear to this, but at least Black Rose isn’t super terrible. You are in a funeral parlor all by yourself, locked in and trying to get to the bottom of the events taking place here. You will be chased by a series of different ghosts at random times while you collect notes for lore and key items to help you advance through the story and get from room to room through the parlor. You’ll end up in a basement and in a secret area of the building where you’ll have to run for your life. I remember the only annoying part is climbing up a ladder and having to spam the mouse buttons and it being really finicky on escaping in time.

#133: The Designer’s Curse
This horror game did have some pretty fun moments, but really just involved you running away from two different kinds of monsters if they spot you. You just basically have to avoid them and stealth your way to the finish line. This was a game listed under Steam’s free to play games, so I just went ahead and went with it just to give that full variety feel during Croaktober 2021. If you can figure out what to do, and know when to do it, you can pretty much just get through this game pretty easily. You can’t really complain about a free game though, so we did it just for the full experience.

#134: Greetings
This “game” has the pleasure of probably being the shortest game ever recorded at Croakitoad. I didn’t really know what to expect when I first launched this, other than being inside a UFO and expecting there to be aliens chasing after you or trying to kill you or something. When you get to the end of the four minute experience, you’ll quickly understand that this was just all one big setup. I felt really trolled at first, but the more I think about it, and now looking back on this experience, I think it’s pretty damn funny. It makes me wonder just how many other people fell for it just like I did. Well done!

#135: Haunted Gas Station
This experience was a mixed bag. I believe this was another free game on Steam, so I had no idea what to expect going on, especially after being trolled in the last game. I remember playing through this a few times just to get to the bottom of the game and not giving up to get to those credits! I wanted this to count as an actual completion on the channel, and I did just that! The people in livestream chat on Twitch were not amused by this game, but I was not going to let up! We actually finished this game after figuring out what to do, even as corny as this game ended up being. Just your typical scary monster trying to catch you while you are at a gas station.

#136: Jack is Missing
God, I don’t remember playing this many games that I remember so badly in hindsight. This must have been a free to play Steam horror game block or something, because I really don’t remember it being this many games. I thought Layers of Fear was going to break the mold and head into more prominent territory, but I guess I was wrong. In this game, you are trying to figure out what happened to your friend Jack while you are in a hotel room. Suddenly, things start going crazy and scary things start happening. The ending of the game is a complete twist and well it’s just another Steam indy horror game. We finished it.

#137: Kraven Manor
This was a pretty visually appealing game, so I had high hopes for it. It does have some scary elements to it involving some dummies and other mannequins that will approach you when you aren’t looking at them. Probably the most iconic part of this game is the ability to take little manor pieces and twist and turn them on the puzzle block to change the environment of the actual manor you are playing in. I’ve never quite played anything like that, and that was pretty fun to mess with. This was definitely on a higher playing field than some of the other games I’ve recently played on this list, and a welcome addition to the horror block during Croaktober 2021.

#138: Rhome
In this Steam indy game, you are coming home to a pretty insane house that only one of those high tech architects would ever try to produce and live in. You are roaming (get it?) around your super wacky house, trying to figure out where everybody’s at and why you are home alone. That’s when it dawns upon you that maybe not all is as they seem. That means that something is wrong with you, and that you might not have remembered when it happened. Some psychological mind games take place in the game as you advance further into the story, and then it just hits you right at the end the huge plot twist and climax. This was pretty fun for what it was, and the house was pretty fun to look around in.

#139: The Walking Dead: Season One
Finally, we’re grounded! Hopefully from here on out, we can get to some really good AAA horror titles for Croaktober 2021! I mean, I know I was trying to tackle all sides of the spectrum and really bring some variety to the table when it comes to horror, but I’m ready to get to some juicy titles, and this here’s one! Follow the story of Lee and Clementine in the game that kickstarted it all for The Walking Dead in gaming and brought Telltale Games truly to the front of the table! This one is always a pleasure to play through, no matter how many times you go about it. The story might always end up, tragically, the same, but the journey getting there is always fun to take part in! Really happy to have included this on the list for Croaktober 2021!

#140: The Ritual on Weylyn Island
Okay, we’re back here again. Honestly thought, this game wasn’t too bad. It’s just not the AAA title that I was expecting I would have started turning to since I’m gonna guess we’re about halfway into the month of October 2021 by this rate. This game was alright, with some interesting dynamics and the graphics weren’t all that bad. The story was pretty unique in the sense that you are stranded on an island, trying to find people that you grew up with but now everybody’s either missing, or completed weirded out. I didn’t mind this as much as some of the other games in the lineup here lately, so that’s okay. I’ll give this one a pass (in a good way) because I don’t really remember anything that set me off while playing the game.

#141: Slender Hentai Edition
We’re really scraping the bottom of the barrel on this one, aren’t we? This is your typical Slenderman game where you’ve gotta find all the appropriate items in the woods before he comes and catches you. The catch here is that the things you are collecting are a bunch of anime pages blown all over the scary woods. As you collect more, he becomes more agitated that you’ve collected his personal stash and he gets really angry. I was able to beat this twice in this video, I believe with two separate scenarios included in the game. For some reason, this video has some of my biggest views on my YouTube account. I wonder why?

#142: Grave of the Petrified (Steam VR)
This is the first VR game on the list! Wonderful! I remember this game being super short and mostly just being trapped inside a cave with monuments to Medusa, and that’s exactly what comes for you as you step further into the area! Medusa literally slithers towards you in VR, wanting to devour your soul! You must turn around, run around obstacles and get the hell out before you die and game over. That’s literally all there is to the game, but I am pretty sure this game was free on Steam so I won’t complain much about it. The experience was actually pretty fun to experience in VR, and seeing Medusa from that point of view was pretty bad ass, so I’ll take this one as a win!

#143: Test Subject 901 (Steam VR)
This is another Steam VR game that was a pretty short experience, but this one actually jump scared me all to hell. I remember getting rocked a few times by the giant monster.. alien? Test subject? Whatever the thing was that is actively trying to hunt you down and kill you. It immediately just launches itself at you and in VR it’s a pretty frightening experience. I totally recommend this game to anyone looking for a short horror experience but wants to really get jumpscared. I remember this game fondly because it was really the first time I had ever been scared on multiple occasions in VR and I absolutely loved it. I’ll always remember this game!

#144: Clock Tower (1995)
The original Clock Tower that started it all! I’m glad to see this one pop up on the list! If you know what to do, or you are using a map to know where the rooms are, this can be a pretty quick experience. I clocked (get it?) this game in under two hours, but I was using a map to help me figure out where all of the monotonous rooms in the giant Barrows Mansion are all located. The ending of this game is a complete twist and a mindfuck as you get to the bottom of what’s hidden in the depths of the mansion. Poor Jennifer has absolutely seen some shit after this experience, and depending on which ending you got and how you went about your experience, she also saw a bunch of death all around her. This is an all-time classic and a gem, even as an old timey point and click side scrolling experience.

#145: Resident Evil: Revelations
Resident Evil has finally showed back up on our list, but we’ve got a double header on our hands here, I guess to make up for the lack of it showing up earlier in the month for Croaktober 2021! Resident Evil Revelations is definitely not my favorite Resident Evil, but it was fun to just replay through again and just remember a lot of the things I forgot about. The side characters in this game are all forgettable and really annoying, but it’s fun to see Chris and Jill doing what they do best in this scenario. The storyline itself is just kind of a forgettable experience and I really didn’t like the direction they were starting to take Resident Evil at this time, so this game is just a big blur of meh to me. However, it needed to be done for the channel and I guess it was fun to at least bring in some Resident Evil for the month.

#146: Resident Evil Zero
Here we go! Now we’re talking! Some good ‘ole classic Resident Evil. It might be zero, but compared to a lot of the games I’ve had to cover on this list lately, this is a wonderful breath of fresh air. It might not be the best Resident Evil or one of my favorites, but it hits close to home more than anything else so far. Rebecca and Billy’s adventure as the prequel to the original Resident Evil is a fun experience, even if a lot of things were changed around to benefit the “dual character” situation you have to play with through the duration of the game. I, like many others, would love to see this game get remastered for the current day with an option for co-op support for the second character. I think this would be an immediate best seller if they added that function to this game, honestly. Let’s see it, Capcom!

#147: The 7th Guest
When the little boy’s name in this name is called Tad, knowing how rare of a name that is, you know that this game has a place in my heart. Somewhere… around where the puzzles aren’t super annoying and hearing Stauf go on about being dead before I solve things not getting stuck in my head. Let’s be honest, this is a classic and a great game to remember for the horror genre, but the puzzles could have been better. Don’t get me started on the slurp puzzle, either. That thing’s just damn impossible. At least we made it through the game with limited Stauf remarks and made our way into the attic to find out what happened to our good pal Tad!

#148: Goosebumps: The Game
We’re almost halfway through our list here for the article and inching our way to that 200th game completion mark, but obviously we’re still in the month of October as Goosebumps comes our way next. This game had been sitting in my Steam library for ages, and I figured it was about time to finally play through it. Apparently this game is also on the Xbox One with achievements, and they aren’t that bad to net. In this particular run, I didn’t really care about anything in particular, but just wanted to play it blind for the first time and just get to the ending without missing too much. I found the game to be pretty alright, with lots of R.L. Stein’s throwbacks and references tucked away here and there. It’s a fine game for what it is, and that’s basically just a point and click adventure game.

#149: Castlevania
The original Castlevania is hard as balls, so don’t be surprised that I was utilizing save states here, okay? Towards the end of the game, the medusa heads and the little flea guys are just absolutely unbearable. Trying to fight Death and then move on to Dracula is just a ridiculous notion to me, unless you are just spending countless hours on the game or a world class speedrunner or something. Honestly though, Dracula is kind of a pushover compared to some of the earlier levels in the game and all the spammage that takes place. The death fight probably is the worst in the entire game for me. However, you can’t really have a horror month and not include Castlevania into the discussion, so here we are. I plan on really diving deep into this franchise in the year of 2023, so be on the lookout for lots of Castlevania madness to come.

#150: Silent Hill 2
We’re halfway in! We’ve made it! And what an excellent game to have in our halfway mark through this article of games! An incredible masterpiece by any fan of horror games that would tell you this sits at the top of anyone’s list. And, I did it on the HD Collection with new voices! Kappa! Honestly though, this game is just an overall favorite and you just can’t get enough of it. Pyramid Head makes his first ever showing in this game, the story with Angela and Maria are just so well done and the music. Man, the music is just incredible. Silent Hill was really starting to hit its stride when this game first came out, and looking back this is just a masterpiece of video gaming history. I’m really glad to see this game pop up on the list for us here, almost like a badge of honor.

#151: Visage
We’ve broken past the halfway mark and still in the month of October 2021. Up next, we head to modern day gaming and play Visage, a game that had recently been released at the time of me streaming this. A lot of fanfare surrounded this game back at that time, and a lot of people wanted to see me stream and play this, so here we are. Overall, I thought the game was pretty good with lots of scary moments and jumps included. I really don’t want to compare this to Silent Hill 2, but it’s really hard when that was the previous game that had been played. Visage was alright for a modern day indy horror game, and it had its moments, but I felt confused by the story a lot of the time and was stuck on where to go a lot, despite all of the short character stories taking place in small confines for the most part.

#152: Dead Space
Oh yeah! Now we’re cooking, baby! Dead Space is one of my all time favorite games of all time, and I can’t really understand why this game did not make the cut the previous year during October. What the heck happened?! Either way, Isaac Clarke hits the USG Ishimura in a way that I’ll never forget as long as I am a gamer. This game, like Silent Hill 2, is a complete masterpiece. I absolutely love the original Dead Space and cannot play it enough. This is as evident as me coming back in 2023 to play this game on impossible difficulty just to celebrate the remake’s release! This game will always hold a true spot in my heart and I’ll always consider this one of my all time favorites.

#153: Amnesia: The Dark Descent
This game certainly has its moments, and I would actually consider this game probably one of the very first (if not the first) true indy horror game to really break out and hit the public in a big way. I remember when this game first came out of nowhere for everybody and just exploded onto the scene, and it wasn’t from any kind of giant publisher or corporation or anything. This game really brought it when it comes to escaping from the monster trying to chase you down and kill you, and there’s absolutely nothing you can do about it. I am really glad I tagged this into Croaktober 2021, because Amnesia has to go down within that list of horror games being completed. Again, you can’t really have a set piece of horror games without having Amnesia included on that list.

#154: Condemned: Criminal Origins
I am actually pretty dumbfounded how this game also didn’t make the cut the first time around. Condemned is one of those games that I think of first when it comes to horror gaming outside of the realm of Resident Evil and Silent Hill, so how did this game get pushed back to the second year of Croaktober? I don’t really know what happened there, but I’ll have to go back and see how everything panned out the first year and I’m sure there is a good reasoning for it. That just makes the second batch of games that much great with a title like this tacked on the list. Bart’s Department Store is an all-time instant classic in gaming history for me, and this game just gives me so many good memories of beginning my Xbox 360 gamerscore journey. This was such a good time for me as a gamer and this game is really a good one, even if the plot and story can be confusing as hell.

#155: Among the Sleep
It’s actually kind of funny that this game rounds everything out of all things. I mean, I can think of a ton of games to start wrapping up October and this game just happens to be there. I think I was probably trying to knock out as many games that I had previously played that I could, and this game just ended up being at the right place at the right time. This game’s story is actually quite interesting and not like anything else I’ve ever played before. You play as a young boy trying to escape the monster trying to kill you with the help of your friend teddybear. Come to find out, the giant monster chasing you and trying to hurt you hits a little closer to home than you are probably expecting and really hits home when you get to the ending. Really interesting game and plot, and not a pushover, just not something I’d expect to start wrapping up my Croaktober 2021.

#156: Resident Evil 4 (VR)
And here we go, the game that wraps up Croaktober 2021! This is certainly a way to lock things in and send it home, playing the all-time classic Resident Evil on VR through the Oculus Quest 2 for the first time ever! This was A LOT of fun, and I still can’t wait to play through this a second time. I remember having a blast playing this, even if I was worried about having the stamina to play a pretty lengthy game like this with a VR headset. I ended up okay, and enjoyed every minute of it! It’s about time to play through this game all over again on the hardest difficulty and REALLY get the full enjoyment out of it, and I can’t wait at all for it! What a way to end things in October 2021, I really knew what I was going for on the big climax for the event, and I think I hit it really well. After this, October’s over and the block of horror games comes to an end!

#157: Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Vegas (w/ Cokesodacan)
One of my favorite games of all time gets put onto the list, here we go baby! After a block of kind of bad and terrible games earlier, it’s a nice breath of fresh air to see games like this being tacked onto the list for our completion goal. I played this alongside Cokesodacan in co-op and we had a blast, just like any time I would play this game. My only regret is that we didn’t have a full stack of four to play with each other through this fantastic campaign. I’m not giving out hope that we can still do this, and I hope that we can do it very soon! The terrorist hunt mode in this game is also fantastic and an absolute blast! I love that we still have the ability to play this game online eventhough the servers have long since been dead, and that’s just great. I think we’ve got COMPANY!

#158: Dead Rising 2: Case West (w/ ClosingSniper)
Onwards to more coop playing! This time, we’re back on the Xbox One again, enjoying the story between Chuck and Frank as they investigate the hidden labs in the middle of the mountains. In this playthrough, we just have a lot of fun getting through this really short experience and trying to get most of the achievements along the way. Compared to the other Dead Rising games in the series, this is a quick ride and rightfully so, since it was originally released as an Xbox 360 Arcade game. However, the fun can still be had in this game and the achievements are not that hard to obtain, so that’s a big plus for what this game has going for it.

#159: Sonic the Fighters
While we’re on topic of Xbox Live Arcade Games, I guess I just went right down the list and kept on going with my Xbox One, because Sonic the Fighters is next, and it’s a super simple game to get to the finish line with. You’ve got to face about eight opponents from the Sonic universe, and then you just beat the game. It’s quite literally that simple. The achievements aren’t that hard to obtain, and the game can be a lot of fun, even if it’s mostly just a bunch of button mashing. A really quick experience that didn’t take long at all for me, but we’ll tack it on as a completion and towards the Sonic franchise as well.

#160: Halo 2 (w/ ClosingSniper)
I guess I was just feeling like being on a roll on the Xbox One, since I spent so much time with the PlayStation 4 earlier on in this listing. ClosingSniper joins me again for another cooperative adventure through one of the most popular games of all time, Halo 2! We play through this amazing campaign and just have a blast. We originally wanted to play on legendary difficulty, but as most of you know, if one person dies in Halo 2 on legendary, the whole game checkpoints back. Not fun at all. So, we resorted to playing on heroic instead and just had a fun ‘ole time playing through it. Maybe at some point we’ll try for a legendary run on the game, or maybe even go a step further and try out a LASO challenge, but that’s challenge for another time and place. We’re just trying to get the game on the board as a completion, and that’s what we did with this excellent masterpiece of a game that’s always fun to play with a friend!

#161: Metal Gear 2: Solid Snake
The story of Solid Snake returns and the huge conclusion at the end of this game tells the story of what happened to the legendary Big Boss, as told in later games like Snake Eater and Peace Walker. This game is just like the original Metal Gear, except lots of quality of life improvements and I believe the storyline is just a lot better. Lots of betrayals in this one, and twists and turns. The game can be a lot of fun if you know what to do and where to go, but the backtracking is super real in this one. Much like in Metal Gear Solid, you’ve gotta go all the way back to the original base a few times which can be a real kick in the nuts. However, fist fighting against Grey Fox in a minefield makes up for it in its epic brilliance. I’m really glad to have played the original two Metal Gear games at the channel, and get the full backstory and plot of what’s happening up to this point.

#162: Far Cry
Lots of people seem to really enjoy this game, and it’s alright, I guess. It’s fun for what it is and can be a thrill, but I feel like the game gets filed under the “unnecessarily hard” category, a folder of games that I don’t really care much about. The story alright, albeit a bit cheesy, but we’re not really playing this for the story, are we? It’s just your typical running around blasting and shooting things in the jungle while on an isolated island and getting to the bottom of the things being done on the island. This is the PC version, so it’s different from the Xbox 360 version that I was used to. I was goaded into playing this version, and I’m glad I did so that I could experience it, but the balance of difficulty is just too lopsided for me to really care much about this game. I’m just glad I was able to blast through this for the first time.

#163: Rogue Warrior
Oh my God, the memes from this game. The legendary Mickey Rourke just absolutely makes this game, otherwise this would have been long since forgotten. There’s a reason why !dickroll has become a thing on the Twitch channel, and it’s because Mickey turns Dick into an absolute legend with this voice lines. I can only imagine if had anybody else been hired to take the voice as Dick Marcinko in this game if it would have had the same impact, and I don’t really think anybody would have been able to save the game. I beat this game in under three hours just casually blasting through it, but it was an absolute ball listening to the insults and throwdowns by our boy. I would love to return to this game and play on the hardest difficulty, and I might just do that sooner rather than later. It’s a shame that this game got left behind, because so many people missed out on the badassery of Mickey Rourke doing an excellent job here.

#164: The Walking Dead: Michonne
While we’re off October at this point in the season, I probably figured that I wanted to blast through the rest of The Walking Dead games so I could get to the ones I’ve never done before, and I knew that Michonne’s story was pretty quick to get through, so here we are. This is a fun game, and your typical Telltale Games adventure. You take the role of Michonne from the TV series, and it adds a lot of backstory to her character and explains a bit of her origin story. Pretty fun game and a little bit of some extra for any Walking Dead fans out there. For me, I wanted to get through this one again so that I could get to the ones I’ve never played before. We’re getting closer and closer now!

#165: BloodRayne
What encouraged me to finally play BloodRayne for the first time in late 2021? Well, it was Ashterial guest streaming the game on the Croakitoad channel randomly one weekend and got me thinking, I’ve never played any of the BloodRayne video games before, so why not dip my toes in and get my feet wet? I literally did this within a few days of her playing the game, so the experience was kind of still fresh in my head, and also hers as she helped me along. BloodRayne takes place across different years and settings, from the Louisiana bayou to World War II and killing off nazis. The final boss can be a real treat to try and take down if you don’t know the proper strategy, but we were able to get through the game. Apparently, the second game gets even harder and I’m not looking forwards to that.

#166: Grand Theft Auto III
Another game with a reasoning behind it! The Grand Theft Auto: Definitive Edition had just been released, so I figured what better time than now to play the third game all over again and get the GTA series launched on the Twitch channel and as a completion! The funniest thing about this playthrough is that the first video shows the unpatched, horribly shoddy rain from the definitive edition, and then I come back later with the rest of the playthrough with the patched out, fixed rain. Really funny that that took place in the middle of my playthrough of the game! This game is an instant classic and just one of the all-time greats. Lots of people speculate how bad they did with the definitive edition, but I guess I can tolerate it because it’s Grand Theft Auto III and I didn’t really see a whole lot of issues myself while playing through this. I’m definitely ready to continue onwards with the series, though!

#167: Call of Duty: World at War (w/ Ashterial, Roxas997 & Cokesodacan)
One of the things that makes this a really fun Call of Duty campaign is the ability to play with a total of four players, and that’s super cool! The campaign gets super short because of that, but that’s fine. I believe we played this on legendary difficulty, so the legendary grenade spam was all over the place. This game can get hella hard on that difficulty by yourself, but playing it with other players makes this a cakewalk. We blasted through this game in about four hours, which was a lot of fun, but this game isn’t going anywhere because we constantly love getting back on Nacht der Untoten to try and beat our PB record on nazi zombies. I just wanted to get the main campaign on the board as a completion and to further my cause into the Call of Duty series with friends!

#168: Hospitality VR (VR)
Apparently, we roll ourselves back into the Oculus Quest 2 VR world once again with this little diddy, which is basically a horror game taking place inside a hospital and you are on rails, or basically in a wheelchair for that matter. You’ll take elevators down, and be sitting there just waiting for the game to throw its best at you. It doesn’t get really that scary honestly, because you are waiting for the things to happen. I find games to really get me when you aren’t expecting them. This was a fun game to test out the VR once again and just see what the game’s about, but it’s definitely not like Test Subject 901. Still though, a good game to test your meddle against VR jump scares, I suppose.

The VR games block has apparently begun! This VR game was nothing like I had played before, where you are trapped inside a shelter of a room and need to figure out what to do to get out before the time runs out. Once you do find the ways and methods of starting to unlock things and solve puzzles, then you need to escape from the bunker on top of that before the pagan murderers get you. Apparently, they are out for your blood and are pissed off about you causing harm to their homes. You’ll have to solve the riddles to advance the game, which are pretty clever and had me thinking for a long time. I hadn’t played an escape room game in VR before, so this was fun and different.

#170: Propagation (VR)
The last game in our apparent VR block has us standing in the middle of a subway, unable to move at all. The accuracy of the guns are a bit off, and the fact that you are just stuck in place just kind of turns me off, especially after having just experiencing the amazing Resident Evil 4 VR. I was looking for another experience just like that, and this one was alright, just missing a lot of the key components that made that game so amazing. I mean, it’s fun if you want to just stand there and shoot things before they come walking towards you, but being able to maneuver and run around and be active in VR is what really sells it for me, and this game didn’t really do that for me. This game is free to play on Steam, so I can’t complain too much about it, but I guess it is what it is.

#171: Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell
Splinter Cell has finally entered the Croakitoad domain, and Sam Fisher is on the hunt in his first gaming adventure. This was a lot of fun to revisit, and I’m glad to finally get this series launched off the ground! This game was great to ring in the series to gaming, but you can also tell that later installments add a lot of quality of life improvements to Sam that he doesn’t have here in this game. I’m just glad I was able to get through the CIA level without having to worm my way through to the finish line due to the limited number of alerts, so that’s good. In fact, I was able to get through this game pretty pleasantly without much worry that I can remember, so maybe I’m just getting better at this game and not even realizing it. Either way, a fun experience and one of those top notch games that you just can’t forget about.

#172: Hannah Montana: The Movie Game
Just to express to everybody my ability to be a complete variety gamer and streamer, we have Hannah Montana coming up next on the Xbox 360, directly after Sam Fisher gets done assassinating and killing people doing his government duties. I’m pretty sure Hannah Montana was a channel point redemption that got redeemed by the community and that’s why we’re here, and while this game wasn’t an absolutely horrible trip down memory lane for me (I’ve played worse, trust me), it doesn’t really stand out. It’s just your typical kid’s game about Hannah Montana and her friends and family and about an upcoming country concert coming up in town, and that about does it. It’s obviously geared towards kids and was lost upon me in most regards since I know absolutely nothing about the characters or the show. Either way, it showed just how versatile I can be as a gamer and a streamer. Beat that!

#173: The Convenience Store
We’re back to horror again, and our first Chilla’s Arts game on the channel! This game didn’t make the cut during October’s Croaktober event, but we’re always coming back to the ‘ole bread and butter in horror gaming, so that doesn’t mean anything. This game is about an employee at a convenience store that starts getting bad trips and haunting things happen to them. The answer to all of this supernatural madness must be the little closet behind the store where therein contains something really awful, right?! This was my first experience with Chilla’s Arts games, which a lot of people praise for the art style of being on an old VHS and being Japanese themed. I do like this, and I can’t wait to play more of these games in the future.

#174: Perception
This game tells the story about a blind lady who’s return back to a giant, empty mansion unravels and goes back many, many years. I hadn’t played too many games where you are blind in the game, so tapping the cane to “see” things around you was a pretty nifty touch. You’ve got to escape the evil spirits who want to get you and chase after you, so that poses a problem for a person who cannot see. The game has got a few options to play, including a mode where you can’t die, which was a nice touch. I played on the normal difficulty and died a few times, but I found the game to be pretty alright. It’s an interesting concept with a story that begins to get really weird towards the end.

#175: Anime Girls VR (VR)
We’ve only a quarter of the games left in our article here, and it’s time to get sweaty! I randomly happened across this game on Steam probably during the Steam sales and just grabbed it because it piqued my interest. Not because this is any interest of mine, but for the same reason I played Hannah Montana, I want to prove that I will play literally anything, as long as it doesn’t go against Twitch or YouTube TOS. This game is a fine example of that, as we explore the different anime girls in their bikinis as they dance to music. We are able to get up and get a closer look in VR, making a few people in the Twitch livestream maybe enjoy it a little too much. I had never played anything like this before, so this was interesting, and I still ponder to this day if I should have counted this as a completion, but we’ll go ahead and count it.

#176: DOOM II: Hell on Earth (Brutal DOOM Co-Op)
It’s time to go from anime girls in bikinis on the VR, to classic old school demon slaying in DOOM II with friends! That’s how we roll, baby! We return to the DOOM franchise with the Brutal DOOM mod, adding even more violence and gore to the already insane base game. We play through the entire campaign, rippin’ and tearin’ our way to the final boss. This game and all of the original DOOM games are so much fun alongside friends in cooperative. I’m pretty sure I mentioned that when we did Final DOOM in the previous article, but it really is a lot of fun to do. I can’t wait to do some more of this again in the future, possibly with some custom DOOM wads as well!

#177: RetroMania Wrestling
And just like that, we’re off to some pro wrestling next! This is exactly what I’m talking about when it comes to variety streaming, and I love seeing this in retrospect when I come back to work on these articles. I’m just all over the place and it’s awesome. We play through this rather short campaign, utilizing a lot of indy pro wrestlers and some historical familiar faces along the way. There’s a LOT of Stevie Richards and Tommy Dreamer in this game, probably (nah, definitely) moreso than in any other wrestling game ever made, which was really funny to me for some reason, but it was a fun little diddy to play through and have some fun with. We managed to bust through the career/season/campaign mode and finish the game and have a little fun doing it. When was the last time I even did a wrestling game at this point?

#178: Shiver
I can’t believe I left this one off, but for the longest time I could not remember what this game was called, so it was left out of Croaktober because of this reason. I guess I just happened to be rummaging through my thousands of Steam games when I just randomly came across this game once again, so I decided right then and there to just play it so I wouldn’t forget about it again. This is a point and click horror game that is actually a pretty fun little time. It doesn’t take long, and once you know what to do you can blast right through it, but it tells a fun little story and has some nice puzzles to it. I’m glad I remembered this game, because I was actually wanting to tack it onto this list officially.

#179: Tomb Raider (1996)
The original Tomb Raider has arrived! We previously played the reboot original game in our first one hundred games, and that game is fun, but it’s definitely no original Tomb Raider. This game’s got all the nostalgia, charm and retro feel that just makes it an instant classic. I have to admit that I was never a Tomb Raider fan growing up, and could have cared less, but I have Twitch to thank for changing my opinion on the series, honestly. I really do like the Tomb Raider series now and Lara is a great character that I’ve grown to enjoy. This game is awesome, and has so many epic moments. I can’t believe it took me this long to get around to doing this game, but I’m also glad it’s on this list officially. When I played this, it was around December or so, so we played with the winter mod that changed everything over all Christmassy, so that was a lot of fun! It’s a SNOWMAN!

#180: Call of Duty: Modern Warfare (2019)
We’ve got twenty games to go, and we’re coming back to Call of Duty except in a “modern” way. This game was a lot of fun, and I really enjoyed it. The gunplay felt awesome and the enemies just went down. The story for the most part was pretty fun, although I couldn’t tell you what all happens for the most part. I remember it has stuff to do with bad guys getting nuclear codes and trying to launch missiles to start another war for their own agendas, and the same old crap really, right? I just remember knowing how awesome this game felt, especially in the levels where you are busting down doors at night and going door to door. That was super amazing and just felt like I was there in the moment. The realism they brought to the table in this game was there, and playing on the hardest difficulty just made it feel even better. Great game.

#181: Prognostic
I remember coming into this game thinking it was going to be another one of your typical FPS scary horror games where you are walking around an old, creepy house while ghosts come out and monsters chase you around. Boy, was I wrong. This game actually has you trying to identify spirits based on clues spread around the house, and if you get them wrong you are one step closer to dying. If you take too much time figuring it all out, you are also going to die. I thought this was actually a nice breath of fresh air compared to all the kind of horror games I’ve played and was pleasantly surprised by what the game was all about. I haven’t checked up on this game in a while, but I’d like to see some more content for this game come out, because I really enjoyed what I played out of this one!

#182: White Shadows
This was an interesting game that immediately reminded me of games like Little Nightmares and LIMBO, but wasn’t exactly either one. Right out of the gate, the game warns you about references to racism, sexism and suicide and things like that, so I was pretty nervous streaming this. I couldn’t really put a lot of those things together while playing the game, but a few viewers in the livestream chat could piece it all together. I just remember this being kind of a weird side scroller with some mystique references. I don’t remember that much more of this game than that, but I did enjoy how unique it looked for its graphic style.

#183: Miss Neko
The puzzle game of all puzzle games! One of my highest viewed videos on YouTube is this game right here, and probably for the reasons they won’t ever see and that’s the NSFW version of the game. Unfortunately, I was streaming this on my Twitch livestream, so you won’t get to see that version of the game, but you’ll still settle for anime girls in their undies, right? That’s exactly what we got here, with some pretty lewd anime photos that we pieced together, puzzle after puzzle. There’s not much to this game other than that, and apparently the sequel to this game that I’ve not played is a completely different kind of game. Sorry to dissapoint anyone looking for that juicy content.

#184: The Haunted Island: A Frog Detective Game
I have to be honest, I don’t remember playing both Frog Detective games back-to-back, but I must have done so. Based on the WWF Adam Bomb t-shirt I was wearing, it must have definitely been the case. I believe I probably waited for the sequel to finally drop, and then that’s when I finally played both games back-to-back for the first time, and absolutely loved them! I immediately fell in love with Frog Detective, even with how short and quick the games can be completed, just with how charmy and sweet the games are. You can tell they are made with a lot of love and care, and I get that interpretation through playing the games. So much fun, and plus it’s a frog main character, so how could I not like that?

#185: Frog Detective 2: The Case of the Invisible Wizard
It’s time to jump right into the sequel, because I loved the original game so much! This is a really super short story and game, just like the original game. Fortunately, the detective journal expands on a lot of things and adds a lot more depth to the game with items and character bios and things of that nature as you try to hunt down the why, when, what and how of that nasty invisible wizard! I am a huge fan of this franchise and I was also super excited when Cowboy County was released, but we’ll get to that in a later article! Always happy to play and represent the Frog Detective games, they are so much fun!

#186: Hidden Paws
It was winter time during the timeline here at Croakitoad, so it was about perfect time to jump into Hidden Paws, a game about clicking and finding all of the meowing cats in a bunch of different levels. It’s cute, it’s pleasant, it’s a lot of fun and a casual experience. I highly recommend this game and the other game in this franchise called Summer Paws to anyone. At the time of this article, I just recently completed Summer Paws, so I’m glad to have finally done both games in their appropriate seasons for streaming them! I must have really been in the mood for games that are cute and lovey, because we’ve really hit that genre lately in our last couple of games!

#187: Underwater
And then we come to this game, back to horror once again after all the cute and fluffy wears out on the Twitch channel! You wake up in an underwater base and monsters and crazy things are all trying to kill you to death! This giant monster featured on the banner is one of them, and I could swear to you I’ve seen this monster in a few other indy Steam games I’ve played to this point! I feel like I’ve seen this monster used in other games, it must be free licensed or something? Anyway, this game has great checkpoints, but it’s kind of buggy and just another one of those walking around while things chase you games. You’ve got to find key items to progress and hope they don’t touch you. That’s about all there is to it.

#188: Spyro the Dragon
Holy cow!? I did this entire game in one sitting?! I don’t remember that at all. While that’s probably not that big a of a deal to MLG speedrunners or experts, I am really surprised coming back to this and finding out I did it all in a single night, that’s pretty wild. I got the 120% ending as well, which is nothing to scoff at when it comes to completing the game as a casual. That’s pretty amazing though! This game is an all-time gem and masterpiece, and I will always love the first two Spyro the Dragon games. So much nostalgia for me in my childhood years, remembering my siblings also enjoying the games. I will always come back to this game and play it again and not get bored, so much fun. I’m really proud of myself for one-sitting this game for the best completion, though. Hot dang! I guess Spyro’s right, you just have to believe!

#189: Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City (w/ Cokesodacan, Ashterial & Zazzeris)
You know what? A lot of people crap on this game, including big Resident Evil fans, but I’ll always defend this game for being what it is. It’s a lot of fun in co-op with friends, and it explores Raccoon City in ways that really made it a lot of fun to check out, way before the remakes started pouring out by Capcom. Sure, it’s not the best overall Resident Evil game in the franchise, but this was a really fun and put together game. It really adds a what-if story to the whole Raccoon City story taking place during the second and third games, and ties a lot of things together in a fun way. I played alongside Zazzeris, Ashterial and Cokesodacan in this run, and they really bamboozled me at the end. That’s alright, though, I have plenty of other opportunities to get my payback against them. Running through this game will never get old, although the only complaint I have is how the difficulty spike gets when playing coop, what the heck is with that?

#190: Minecraft
Hey, I didn’t think it was possible too. Beating Minecraft? Yeah, right. The game is like never-ending, right? Well, turns out all you have to do is beat the Ender Dragon and then you get the game’s credits and appreciation for beating the story. There you go. I remember this being one of the more fun community events we’ve had at Croakitoad, taking place across probably an entire week’s worth of content? I can’t remember exactly. It was fun for me, because we achieved everything without the use of any mods, add-ons, cheats or anything. We relied completely on what we found with our own blood, sweat, tears and time in the game. I found the Nether Fortress just by randomly digging. We beat down the Ender Dragon as a community, and reaped in the rewards. Such a great moment, and I’m happy to have hosted such a great event right around New Year’s 2022. To me, the Minecraft run is one of the peak moments for the Croakitoad community.

#191: Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Vegas 2
It didn’t take long for me to return to the world of Rainbow Six: Vegas, did it? I’m actually laughing as I’m typing this up, because I completely forgot how quickly I just dove right into the sequel for this series. That should tell you how much I love the Rainbow Six: Vegas series! So much fun. Unfortunately the second game only features two player coop, so that’s a bummer, and the story isn’t quite as good as the original, but this is still super good fun and a fun run for me all day long. I enjoyed running through this with my partner from the original game, Cokesodacan. I really hope in the future (and soon) we can get a squad together to enjoy the original game with the full four player coop opportunity, that will be a real treat. With the posting of this, that means that the Rainbow Six: Vegas series has been finished at Croakitoad.

#192: Aliens: Fireteam Elite (w/ ClosingSniper)
I remember this game had just been released and was on Xbox Gamepass, so we wanted to totally take advantage of this game and play through it. I remember it being pretty fun, and being an Aliens fanboy I really enjoyed it. I feel like it probably does get a bit too hard and difficulty if you turn the difficulty up, and I was a bit afraid of that, but for being a shooter in the Aliens universe, and also being able to have three person coop, I can get behind this for what it is. I remember playing alongside ClosingSniper for the majority of the game, and even having Cokesodacan involved before he bowed out early. I’d like to possibly revisit this game again and give it a second run, but I’m just really leery about the game getting unnecessarily hard on higher difficulties.

#193: Battlefield: Hardline
Are we gonna have a problem? Because previously on Battlefield: Hardline… Oh, it crashed! Some fun moments from me playing through this game, and apparently this was a complete step away from what Battlefield is all about and the series might have taken a hit because of that? I thought the campaign was pretty fun and I enjoyed being a cop going about my cop business, busting down criminals and getting down to the point of the betrayals and corruption and all that stuff. The concept of being a cop and having different ways to tackle each level was a lot of fun, and I felt like I relied on stealth a lot to take down the baddies more than just mowing them all down in a massive fit of rage. It’s that police story that always comes down to the corrupt partner or the police chief, am I right?

#194: Superliminal
We’re back to puzzles again! This game is a complete mindfuck to all of your senses, and has you struggling to figure out how to advance based on where you are standing in the game and how you are looking at things through your own point of view. I can respect the developers for making a game of this ilk, but boy was this something I hadn’t really ever played before. I guess Layers of Fear was a BIT like this, but nothing this puzzly. There are some achievements for beating this game super quick like a speedrunner, so that tells me people can fly through this game really fast, but that’s just not my jam. I enjoyed getting through this and working my way through all the mindfucky obstacles, but that’s about as far as I’ll get on this one.

#195: The Outer Worlds
I heard a lot of good things about this one, and I wanted to finally experience it for myself. I’m glad I did, and I had a lot of fun exploring everything this game had to offer for the most part. The key moments I remember from this game are completely glitching out the final boss to easily take him out for one. I still have not been able to acquire the DLC, so I haven’t played those yet, but I can’t wait to get my hands on them and see what they have to offer to the base game experience. The victory sweat is still pouring on this one, I haven’t forgotten about those DLC’s and I will be on the hunt for them. I got a lot of Fallout from this game, and there’s obvious reasons why, and I can’t wait to see what the future holds for The Outer Worlds and the franchise.

#196: Crackdown 3 (w/ ClosingSniper)
So, typically I usually play games in release date order and I don’t skip around. I do sometimes, and I guess this was one of those exceptions. This game just happened to be on our radars at the time, so ClosingSniper and myself decided to dive into Crackdown 3 and give it a whirl! I’m a fan of the original Crackdown and remember those good ‘ole Xbox 360 days, so this was a bit more of the same for me, with a lot of quality of life improvements. I had never played the second one before, so I’m not sure what has changed between the first and third game. I remember this being fun in cooperative play, and I enjoyed my time on the game just being a complete superhero badass and taking enemies and gangs out to clean up the city. This brought me back to the original game and having fun in coop in that game back when gaming days were a lot of fun.

#197: Medal of Honor: Above & Beyond (VR)
We’re getting close to wrapping this list up and getting to our two hundredth completion, so in the spirit of variety, we’re coming back to VR gaming once again. The newest Medal of Honor game had just come out and was featured in VR, and I was able to get my hands on it, so we gave it a whirl. I found this to be pretty fun, although the really small areas per level were a little disheartening. Being able to play an FPS of the ilk of something like Medal of Honor was a lot of fun, since the only real AAA experience I had was Resident Evil 4 VR. This was fun for what it was, but felt pretty limited in the level design and whatnot. I found myself usually killing about twenty enemies before running to the level end and finishing it up. It just felt like a bunch of small bonus areas to advance the campaign, really. Slapping the nazis around with my VR hands was a lot of fun though, so that might have been worth it.

#198: Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order
We’re only a mere few games away from the finish line here, and we’re just tackling really modern games at the time of early 2022 here aren’t we? I really love how complex this list has been, just all over the place. That’s exactly how I like it and want to continue doing it. This game was really fun, and I did enjoy it. A ton of other people also really enjoyed this experience, and thus the sequel has already came and went out at the time of this article. BD-1 is a great companion, and I’m sorry for what I did to it at the end of my playthrough here, but it was worth it. You don’t see Star Wars often on my channel, so we’ll have to correct that and get more going in the future. I definitely recommend this game to anyone who’s a Star Wars fan and haven’t had the time to play around with it.

#199: Astria Ascending
When I chose this game to be the 199th game on Croakitoad, I had absolutely no idea what to expect from the game or what it was even like. I just based my decision on some screenshots and maybe the trailer and saw it was on Xbox Gamepass so I just rolled with it. It had been a LONG time since I had put any kind of RPG action in at Croakitoad, so it was definitely about time to start padding out some longer games on this list so it didn’t seem like I was only playing the short and cheap games to get the count up. This RPG was a lot of fun, with a great and unique art style. The developers of the game actually reacted to my tweets about playing their game, which was really awesome. The game takes place in a really open ended universe where they could do a lot with it in future games. I didn’t find this to be that hard, but the emphasis on building combos and building your attack power up on that should be emphasized greatly, because that’s how you win at this game.

#200: Yakuza 0
And here we go, the game that made it to the 200th spot on our completion list. The reason was pretty apparent for those in the know. On my previous Twitch channel, I had just hit the burnout mark and left this game open-ended without the completion while taking a large break from streaming and the computer, and this game was always left open. The reason this was selected for the 200th spot is for that reason, and I had so much fun revisiting this game and just getting through it to the finish line. Not only was this a fun game to do it on, but it meant so much in so many ways to me, and I’m so glad so many people were there to watch it happen. It was me once again breaking my own PB’s, my own barriers and crushing my own goals set forth in front of myself. Not only did this mean 200 games had been completed officially on my Twitch channel and YouTube, but I beat the game that I left streaming on and never got to see how it ended, and I got to enjoy Yuki and the cabaret club all in the same instance. That’s a bunch of wins for me, and I’ll gladly take it. At the time of this writing, we’re less than ten games away from achieving our 400th game completion, so this seems like a lifetime ago for me already, but I’ll always remember Majima and Kiryu helping me ring in the 200th game and the symbol of breaking past barriers and moving onto future ones.

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