Zombspawn Twitch Archive Marathon Montage (2012-2020)



I created the Zombspawn account back in 2012 to become a more “horror themed” community with my friends on Twitch. In 2015, I decided to finally split off and have my own indepedendent account but we kept doing events and marathons and conventions together as “Zombspawn Gaming” all the way up into 2020. Thanks to everybody who was ever involved with this program, we did a lot of amazing things and had a lot of amazing moments together.

A montage marathon of clips dating from 2012 to 2020. Thanks to everybody for all the moments over the years! We had a lot of great laughs, fun and raised a lot of money for great causes! Here’s to many more under the Croakitoad banner for the future beyond! Much appreciated to everybody who ever decided to take part in the marathon as a streamer or support them in many ways, we’ve had a heck of a lot of fun over the years!

This is a list of people that are featured in this montage of the past: Croakitoad, Meredydd, Cygnified, Jherr94, Darksageron, BaconLara, FentonyL, XLetMeLive276X, ChocolateZombies, IzzyNoodles, Trizzcat, SeanTheShow, JohnKaos, Ashterial, Comatrix44, Zazzeris, Hype_9112006, Fuse4Spence, TheCliffyShow, Rasher24, Zozoken, ActionTurnip214, Dynafire, Mawia, JamesAutumn, Ca1ex, Cokesodacan, Sarversauce, Ragetrip, Riftscar, MarkedChords, Stereorage82, TheChainTV, Jerromy, NE_Dave, Tommyspud, DeputyDawgy, Leojokerhart, Jamie_Searancke1987, MehChewy, CrazyRedReploid, Joenado97, Shikatune, CnFreak, Okrabrooder, MilesWildmore_18, AliciaWarriorPrincess, Amorablade, MrKantot, SynthSolutionGaming & PhantomCaboose

  • Let’s Play Zelda II: The Adventure of Link
    Let’s Play Zelda II: The Adventure of Link

    Yes, it’s THAT Zelda game. We had to get through this one to get to Link’s Awakening and the N64 era, so here we go! This game is ridiculously hard, but also utilizes a lot of modern day RPG techniques like grinding and leveling up skills

  • Let’s Play GoldenEye 007
    Let’s Play GoldenEye 007

    The name’s Bond. James Bond. We take down the game on the 00 Agent hardest difficulty in this run in the Xbox One 2023 re-release. Aztec, Train and Control can suck a lemon on the hardest difficulty

  • Let’s Play Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy: The Telltale Series
    Let’s Play Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy: The Telltale Series

    Follow the Guardians on an epic tale of adventure unrelated to any of the major motion picture storylines! You get some great backstory on each character and learn about them on a more personal level. Not a bad job here by Telltale Games

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