The first 100 game completions at Croakitoad

At the time of this writing, I’ve been able to tackle well over three hundred games in my journey of trying to complete as many video games that I possibly can. This is under two year’s time, and I’m awfully proud of that! I decided I’d go back and take a look at the first one hundred games that I was able to complete and kind of go down memory lane a bit back to the earliest days of the Croakitoad brand being a thing and see what I can remember from each game that I went through leading up to the big first milestone of the channel; that being the first hundo! I’ll also let you know that each game on this list has been successfully recorded and posted not only on the VOD system, but also uploaded to my YouTube and recorded here on the website as well!

#1: Resident Evil
The game that launched it all off, and my favorite video game of all time. The original Resident Evil, beaten in under three hours with the best ending to get the infinite colt python and rocket launcher. This was the very earliest recording at Croakitoad and in its base form, without a webcam or any stats of the stream on the screen. I couldn’t have picked a better game to kick things off with and be my very first game completion on my Twitch channel!

#2: Diablo II: Lord of Destruction
Game number two came at a time where I really wanted to play something really solid and something I knew I’d enjoy to keep me suckered into the streak after I had just completed Resident Evil. I decided to run with Diablo II: Lord of Destruction whilst playing the Assassin class utilizing the vampire build. I had never done this before, so it was something fresh and brand new while also still enjoying the classic that is Diablo II. You can’t go wrong with this game, even when you are playing solo like I did!

#3: Resident Evil 5 (w/ Cokesodacan)
Our next game would be the first time where someone else would join alongside me on a journey, whether it be through cooperative or multiplayer. While this isn’t the best Resident Evil game by any means, it’s still a lot of fun to play through alongside a partner in coop and that’s exactly what we did. The fact that already two of the first three games on the channel under completions being Resident Evil should scream volumes as to how much I love the franchise!

#4: Gears of War (w/ Amorablade)
Keeping up with the theme of playing alongside somebody in cooperative, I decided that next I’d push on through to a game that is also very near and dear to my heart; that being Gears of War. This is one heck of a game, and I don’t think I will ever get tired of playing through this. I am really glad that Gears of War has a spot in my first five game completions on my journey, considering how much love I really have for this game. This was also my first time playing through a game alongside Amorablade.

#5: New Pokémon Snap
Our fifth game in the journey introduces Pokémon to the mix, which is also a good choice and I’m also really glad it made the cut so soon. The particular reasoning for this game is because the newest Pokémon Snap had just been released on the Nintendo Switch, and I was looking for something nice, fun and casual to play whilst also enjoying the wonderful world of Pokémon! This was a lot of fun, and something I had never experienced before since I had never played the original Pokémon Snap back on the Nintendo 64.

#6: Resident Evil Village
Resident Evil returns one again, this time in the form of Resident Evil Village! This game had also just been released to the world, so it didn’t take much of a decision for me to immediately jump on this and play this game as soon as possible! Directly after New Pokémon Snap gets released, I believe it was like a week later and Village was already out. Certainly this was a busy time for me keeping up on the latest released games and playing things that are brand spankin’ new, rather than digging deep and playing things from the yesteryears.

#7: The Ultimate DOOM
Speaking of games from the yesteryear, it was about time that DOOM hit the list. We played through all four episodes of the original DOOM that started it all together in coop through Doomseeker. This was a lot of fun, and always a really fun time to do, especially when you have a bunch of other DOOMguys running around rippin’ and tearin’ through the demonic hordes of hell! It wasn’t until later that we utilized the Brutal DOOM mod and did the same thing again many months later, but for our first run through the entire original DOOM, we played it vanilla!

#8: The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past
This is a game that brings to me massive nostalgia, as I had the cartridge for this game on my old Super Nintendo and played the heck out of this game. I am really glad I was able to fit this into my first ten completions on the journey, as this game is also one that holds a special place in my heart. A lot of people talk about the Nintendo 64 games as being some of the best Zelda games ever produced, but I’ll always stand by this game being my favorite Zelda game of all time.

#9: Mortal Kombat
The fighting game that turned a lot of heads in the early 90’s came up next and I felt like this was a great game to toss in consideration to kind of spread out the gaming genres a bit. We’ve certainly had a lot of horror, some retro and a one of the best RPG’s of all time, so why not toss in a fighting game into the mix right before the tenth game? I also love me some Mortal Kombat, and in this particular playthrough I decided to do something I’ve never done before and that’s beat the game as Sonya Blade! I was usually a Sub-Zero guy, but decided to do something a little different this time around!

#10: The Forest
And that brings us to our tenth game on the list and completed at Croakitoad! This is basically an open world survival game that you can play cooperatively with friends, and that’s what we did. Harvesting materials in order to stay alive and also defend yourself from the awful cannibals that roam the island you have been deserted on. When you get to the end of the game and find out the secrets that are hidden in the core of the island, a lot of things start to make sense. I remember playing this alongside: Jherr94, Cokesodacan and Roxas997 in an effort to finish the boss and get the ending cutscene!

#11: The Park
This might seem kind of an out of place game on the list, but I hadn’t really tackled many independent Steam games up to this point, so I figured I’d toss one in that I remember playing a few years back but with really bad internet troubles at the time of the run. Not having to worry about that, I decided to give this psychological horror another go and really delve into the storyline which is quite deep if you are paying attention. While it wasn’t Croaktober yet, that didn’t stop me from playing some scaries!

#12: Life is Strange
Continuing on with the theme of trying to spread out all across the gaming spectrum, up next we tackled Life is Strange and follow Max and her adventure through college and dealing with daily teen issues and problems. This was another game I had played before years ago, but didn’t really take seriously. This go around, we took a much closer and serious look at the game and the story being told. I’m glad I went back and gave this game another chance and allowed it to suck me in this go around.

#13: Metal Gear
The origin of Solid Snake’s story begins here with our thirteenth game as we begin the Metal Gear franchise at the same time. This is always a fun game to play through after you sort through the controls and get a feel for how the game is being played. It’s always fun to begin this game knowing where the Metal Gear franchise would end up going and the heights of popularity it would end up getting.

#14: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II: The Arcade Game (w/ Zazzeris)
The next series of games all took place in a single night as Zazzeris and I decided to tackle through all of the old retro TMNT video games in one sitting together in cooperative. This was a lot of fun, and brought back a lot of old memories playing old retro games together and beatin’ up all of those Foot Clan Soldiers leading up to all of the nostalgic bosses through each of the levels.

#15: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles III: The Manhattan Project (w/ Zazzeris)
After we had just got done beating Shredder and Krang down in the second arcade game, we moved on to The Manhattan Project and played through this one next. Another set of favorite TMNT baddies and classic levels, and another finale leading to the beat down of Shredder and Krang. The ninja turtle marathon continued on this same night!

#16: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles IV: The HyperStone Heist (w/ Zazzeris)
Well, we couldn’t certainly play through all of the classic ninja turtle games without playing this one, basically the Sega Genesis equivalent of the SNES release Turtles in Time video game. (Don’t worry, we’ll tackle that next anyway) This is also Zazzeris’ favorite turtles game, so this was also a lot of fun for him since he usually plays and streams this one solo by himself. By playing together in coop, it brought a whole new level of fun and entertainment with the two turtles having each other’s backs!

#17: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles IV: Turtles in Time (w/ Zazzeris)
And here’s the Super Nintendo equivalent of HyperStone Heist on the Sega Genesis, and of course we played this one next! This was the final turtles game in the single sitting, one night marathon of ninja turtle action we did together and this was a lot of fun! We’ll have to do something like this again sometime, because this hasn’t happened again since this particular night. Lots of fun to just smash through wave after wave of baddies as our favorite ninja turtles!

#18: WWF Wrestlemania: The Arcade Game (w/ Zazzeris)
To cap off our night of playing old retro games together, Zazzeris and I decided to put in an old WWF wrestling video game and we ended up with the arcade game on the Super Nintendo! Together, we smashed through a few tag teams in the WWF and were officially hailed as the new WWF Tag Team Champions as both Doink the Clown characters! Heck yeah! This was a lot of fun and something I haven’t really done much of, which is playing through wrestling games together as a friend! We’ll have to do something like this again soon!

#19: Clown House (Palyaço Evi)
For the nineteenth game, we dig into Steam and find another VERY independent Steam game known as Clown House, which is also free to play. It basically plants you inside a house and you have to search for a key in random places whilst also dodging some clowns who have invaded and some of them will come after you and try and kill you. It’s not a very long game, and more like a demo than anything. However, this was a game I had done before and I knew I wanted to tackle this one really quickly.

#20: The Cursed Forest
After playing through Clown House and finishing it VERY quickly, I knew I was starting to get back into that old horror gaming mood again eventhough this was around May 2021 or so at this point. The Cursed Forest was a very visually pretty game with a very interesting story being told. It was definitely not “demo-like” like Clown House and I spent a few hours traversing through. I enjoyed this one mostly for the visuals it had. It really was a pretty stunning game with a few jumpscares contained within.

#21: SEPTEMBER 1999
Okay, we are now full fledge into horror gaming mode now. Apparently sometime at the end of May 2021 I was just wanting to push through a bunch of Steam independent games I had done before and get them on the list and completed. This game in particular is basically a found footage handheld camera game with jumpscares. A walking simulator which traps you inside your apartment as you walk around trying to figure out what’s going to happen next.

#22: Apartment 666
We’re once again stuck inside our apartment and this time we’re trying to find out some history about what happened in the apartment and about our character. At some point you can actually leave and go outside, so it has that going for it. The ending reveal is pretty crazy and has a big surprise, so also something else that is a bit unique for this one. I’ll be honest that a lot of these games during this time all kind of ran together for me.

#23: Minds Eyes
Another horror video game that sticks you inside your own house and you are unable to leave. This time, you are being stalked and chased around by a big monster that has some sort of gorilla sounding voice. You’ve got to find key items to trigger and advance through the story which leads you to some weird psychological weird ending that just takes a complete turn for something else. There’s not really much more to say about this one.

#24: The Typing of the Dead: Overkill (w/ Ashterial)
We’re out of the independent horror Steam game block, finally! It seems I decided to turn my attention to this game, one I had played previously in coop before many years ago. I wanted to jump into it again, and this time we get Ashterial to tag along for the first time in our coop journey together at Croakitoad! This is always a wacky and zany game to play through, especially if you turn all of the word dictionaries on then you have absolutely no idea what words will get brought up for you to type as you slay through all the monsters and zombies in the game. What a strange ending, too.

#25: Portal

We’re a quarter of the way through! Our next game keeps the Steam game library rolling as we introduce the popular puzzle game Portal to the mix! At the time of this article, I still haven’t played Portal 2 yet, in either the solo or coop modes! We need to fix that! I remember beating through this game rather quickly and surprising myself when I got to GLaDOS at the end, thinking there was more to the game than where I was at. This wasn’t my first time through it in my life, but I guess that goes to show when you’ve played through a game multiple times you do (hopefully) get better each time!

#26: The Little Mermaid
This might seem like a really random game to be added to the list, especially considering it’s an old school NES Disney gem and that’s because it really is. I’m not really sure what prompted me to play through this one around June 2021, but I knew I had wanted to play this and I guess the timing was just right. This game can be beaten pretty quickly and maybe that was my philosophy going in, but going from a bunch of Steam horror games to Little Mermaid just goes to show just how much of a variety streamer I am.

#27: Where’s Waldo?
The NES theme continues on, as after Little Mermaid we jump right into Where’s Waldo? on the NES! This game can also be another quick one to finish up if you know exactly what to do. Of course, the RNG doesn’t help matters much when Waldo can literally appear anywhere and just be hiding out from you, but if you are quick, you can make it to the moon and the end of the game for the big finish! I guess I have to thank Jimmy Zazz for subconsciously making me put Where’s Waldo into the first thirty game completions on the channel.

#28: Left 4 Dead
We’re back to AAA game titles now as Left 4 Dead comes up next within our first thirty game completions. We run through the original levels and chapters making up the first game via Left 4 Dead 2. I remember playing alongside Ashterial, Zazzeris & Cokesodacan through this playthrough and it was a lot of fun, considering I remember playing the original Left 4 Dead on the Xbox 360 way before the second game came out! It was fun to kind of restrict the game to the original stuff for a change. Lots of fun here, you can never go wrong with Left 4 Dead!

#29: Return to Castle Wolfenstein (w/ Cokesodacan)
Return to Castle Wolfenstein is next, and is another one of my favorite games of all time. Being able to play through it in coop was just an extra added cherry on top. This brings Coke back into a coop role, a theme that we’ll be seeing a lot through future games being beaten at Croakitoad. We’ve been talking about running through this game again, maybe with a few more people running around with us which would be a lot of fun. For the sake of being put into the game completions list though, RTCW gets the notch as being the 29th game completed on the Twitch channel! We’re around the early part of June 2021 at this point right now!

#30: Deadlight
The Steam library continues to be pillaged as we jump into Deadlight next, an atmospheric side scroller about the zombie outbreak that has overwhelmed Seattle, Washington. This is a fun, short game that you can enjoy without too much hassle. There wasn’t really any reason for putting this game in the number thirty spot and to be honest I don’t even think I realized I was up to thirty games at this point. If you are looking for a short zombie game that can be played casually with trial and error, you should check this one out.

#31: Limbo
The side scrolling zombie madness of Deadlight must have just got me into the mood to try Limbo next, which is basically a game made of the same ilk. Instead of zombies and real world settings, you are a boy trying to find your way home and at the same time trying not to die from obstacles that are constantly trying to squish, smash, shoot or stab you. There’s also a giant spider at some point, so be careful! This game got a ton of rewards from the independent game community back when it was released, so I am glad I was able to tackle this game early on.

#32: Little Nightmares
More side scrolling madness! This one is a little more in-depth than the previous two games with better graphics and a bit more maneuverability in terms of character control, camera and puzzles. This game has one of the wildest storylines and plots of any game I’ve ever played. You just never quite really knw what’s going on in this game until the very end where a lot is revealed, and even then you are kept guessing on a lot of stuff. I guess that’s where the sequel comes into play! This game certainly takes a turn when it comes to the story.

#33: The Wolf Among Us
Our first Telltale Games game on the list! This is a fun one to bring all of our favorite childhood nursery rhymes, Disney movies and princes and princesses all into one game and give them real world adulting issues and problems you have to sort through. You play as the Sheriff of their little secluded town and must figure out why there are a series of murders going on. There’s also a strip club and some nudity, pretty wild! This is always a fun one to play through if it’s your first time or it has been a long time since you last went through.

#34: Zombi
More zombies at Croakitoad! We’re still in the beginning of June 2021 at this point, but that doesn’t stop us from seeing constant horror elements being played on the channel! This time, we’re in London and the zombies have overtaken the country. You survive in the tunnels underneath the city and must get from place to place in an effort to possibly find a cure and get out alive. CCTV is a huge part of the game, and this also introduces character death where if your first character dies, you respawn as someone else and can actually visit your zombified previous character!

#35: Final Fantasy
I was waiting for this one to pop up! It’s June 2021 and it’s time to start our very first major and lengthy RPG game on the channel! The game that started it all, I was definitely in the mood to kick start the Final Fantasy series and get it going on Croakitoad! We plow through all of the required dungeons, taking out the crystal element guardians along the way leading to our final confrontation with Garland / Death at the end of the game. This is a fun one to play through and it’s always fun to rename the characters as some of my more active Twitch viewers when I am playing through these! Final Fantasy II will be happening very soon!

#36: Déjà Vu
I probably needed to take a breather after the heavy length of Final Fantasy, so we went back to the original Nintendo to take on a game that I had played before as a kid and even had the cartridge for, but was actually never able to beat. You are a detective and must find out why someone is out to set you up for a murder! Careful, you make the wrong decision and your game is over and you are dead. I’ll be honest that I used a walkthrough for this one just because there’s so many ways for you to game over in this one. It’s really hard to pick the right option or use the right item unless you know what you are doing.

#37: The Simpson’s Arcade Game
We’re going to the arcades! It hasn’t been since like the night doing Ninja Turtles that we really played a side scroller beat ’em up, but even on this night we did one better and had all four players accounted for during this run! This was a lot of fun, and brought back a lot of memories for all of us being in the arcade popping in numerous quarters into the machine to hopefully get to the end of this nostalgic trip! I’ll admit I’ve never been a huge Simpson’s show fan, but you can’t deny that this game is a ton of fun when you have friends with you!

#38: Tomb Raider (2013)
It’s about time that Lara Croft has entered the fray! Our very first Tomb Raider game is the remake released in 2013, and we go about it through the Xbox One. This run was a lot of fun, as I went for the full 100% completion achievement and got it live on stream. This was a great game to revitalize the series in a current day setting for gamers, even though many nostalgic players still prefer the old ways of doing things. I remember having a ton of fun through this one, and I definitely recommend for anyone looking for a great third person action game.

#39: Far Cry
This was a game kind of goaded onto me by Cokesodacan & ClosingSniper. I was never really familiar with this version, as I had only played the Xbox 360 version of Far Cry and its two expansions. I found out that this game can be notoriously hard and difficult depending on the difficulty you are playing on. Even playing on easy, I found that the AI was a bit broken at times. I even broke a Trigen enemy at one point in my playthrough. We were able to get through the game after some tough slogs, and got Far Cry up on the board!

#40: Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light (w/ Cokesodacan)
We’re now in mid June 2021 and after having played through the Tomb Raider remake two games ago, I think I was in the mood for some more Tomb Raider with a coop setting. Coke and I decided to run through this one, a game we had tried a few years earlier but stopped when we broke it the first time. We ended up breaking the game again this time around numerous times, but not enough for us not to finish it out entirely. The sequel to this game allows for four player coop, so that should be a trip when we get around to it. This game has one of the funniest bugs I’ve seen so far on Croakitoad!

#41: WWF SmackDown!
Our second official wrestling game has arrived, and this time it’s a game with a bit more of a “campaign” setting to it. In this, I decided to play as Paul Bearer and work my way through the WWF ranks, trying to earn myself some title shots and matches at the big show Wrestlemania. That never happens, because the game completely screws me over. I actually won the Royal Rumble match and didn’t even get booked at that year’s Wrestlemania. I won it again, and then got booked in an “I Quit” Match against Vince McMahon. What the heck is this booking? The game clearly has it out for Paul Bearer. We finished up the final unlock in the season mode and called that a completion. This is officially where all the Paul Bearer memes on the channel originated!

#42: WWE Legends of Wrestlemania
This is the only game on this list that won’t have a proper video tag, since WWE really takes offense to posting anything related to their materials on YouTube, even if it’s an old game. I was really surprised that the WWF SmackDown! playthrough is still okay because of this. Either way, this is a pretty fun game if you like classic WWF wrestling and some of the superstars from the 80’s and 90’s. We went through several of the tiers in the game, knocking them out. This was another Xbox 360 game that I had manhandled way back in the day for the 1000 gamerscore, but wanted to play once again just to get another wrestling game in the books.

#43: Maid of Sker
After I got my fill of wrestling, we moved on to horror once again. This time around, we have been invited to an abandoned hotel but find out that it isn’t quite abandoned after all. Several “monsters” roam the halls and areas, trying to find you and kill you. You’ve got to collect certain items and fulfill certain requirements to get a specific ending to the game. This game features a ton of modes and bonus things you can try out, like a “no enemy” mode if you just want to have a walking simulator through the game. Really fancy, this one.

#44: Jumper: Griffin’s Story
This is an Xbox 360 game based on the movie Jumper. Back during the height of my achievement hunting days, this was one of the games I quickly pounced on due to the shortness of the game and how easy it was to get the full 1000 gamerscore. I decided to revisit this game once again, putting it onto the table for the forty-third spot in the completions list. This puts me back on the Xbox 360 after a long time of being a PC gamer and utilizing my Steam library. Not really much to say about this one, other than the final boss can still be troubling if you are not used to how the combat works in this one.

#45: Silent Hill
The original Silent Hill in mid-June! The reasoning for this was because it was Father’s Day so we decided to celebrate Harry Mason and his love and support for his daughter by playing the game on this special day! What is there that I can say about this game? It launched the franchise that later became one of the best horror franchises in gaming history. It’s always fun to play through this one and enjoy the story being told, knowing that it continues on in Silent Hill 3. That’s a game we’ll tackle in Croaktober 2022, so it took us a while to get there, but we eventually did! I’m glad Silent Hill made it into the first fifty completions, but honestly it should have been a lot earlier than this!

#46: Dynasty Warriors 5: Empires
Another Xbox 360 gem from my achievement hunting days. I guess Jumper got me into the mood of looking through those old 360 titles that I played during the height of my achievement gathering. This game can get kind of excessive and repetitive if you are not a fan of hacking and slashing numerous enemies, but I always found the game to be really fun and a stress reliever. Just go around destroying countless amounts of enemies in your effort to take over the land of China! I took to the role of Cao Cao for most of this run, but I always love me some Diaochan and Zhang He to play us once you get them unlocked for your squad goals.

#47: Hitman: Blood Money
Agent 47’s first showing at Croakitoad comes in the form of a game that is super fun to play as, whether you are a Hitman veteran or if you’ve never touched any of the games before. I feel like this game is a great starting point for that and also just a great addition to the franchise. I’ve always loved this game and felt like it was super flexible for new players and allows you to have many different options to tackle objectives throughout each level, which is super awesome. The story is also pretty easy to understand and the variety of levels are a lot of fun; ranging from a Las Vegas casino all the way to the White House. Also, look at which game completion this was. Get it? 47?

#48: CSI: Hard Evidence
Jumper back a few games ago really did start an Xbox 360 trend, because we’ve been knocking out 360 games left and right since that game got brought up! This game is no different, and yet another game I easily took out for achievements back in the day. It’s one of my highest viewed videos on YouTube too, probably because most people searching for actual episodes of the television show bring up my gameplay video, lol. You must solve around five different cases in the game, finding evidence and figuring out who’s responsible for the dastardly deeds. There are actually two other games in the CSI series on the Xbox 360, and we’ll get to those soon.

#49: Last Day of June
This game was suggested to me by Cygnified, as he had played through this one before and I believe even gifted the game to me, so we decided to run through this one. A horrible car crash puts the lives of several people in a small country neighborhood into a lot of chaos, and it’s up to you to go back in time and put all the pieces together through a series of puzzles until you can get to the end of the game and hopefully change the events into a happier story. Can it happen? You’ll have to find out. This also breaks the Xbox 360 streak, as we’re back on PC again for this one.

#50: 80 Days
We’re back with another Cygnified game suggestion at the halfway mark and I believe even a game gift here! This time around, we’re trying to get around the entire planet within eighty days. Is it even possible? Can we do this? This isn’t current times, either. We’re dealing with railroads, hot air balloons and steam cars. In my particular trip around the world, we end up way up in Antarctica and almost freeze to death, but are able to circle around the planet in just enough time to succeed. I’ll tell ya though, that was a close one!

#51: World War Z
We’re over halfway there! Can you believe it that we’ve made it this far?! We return back to four player coop action as zombies have once again taken over the world. This game is a lot of fun, especially if you have some friends to tackle it through with. We’ve played through this before many years earlier, but were never able to actually finish it off properly until now! For the record, we’re in the early part of July 2021 at this point and we have now halfway achievement our goal of the first one hundred completions!

#52: A Way Out (w/ Cokesodacan)
We’re two games over the halfway point and A Way Out gets selected to be next, a fun coop adventure about two men trying to escape prison and get back into public for different reasons. Along the way, the relationship between the two completely changes and you start to feel for both characters. That’s until you get the big punchline at the very end and a very serious decision has to be made amongst the two players. All the way up to this point you’ve been working together to achieve goals, so it’s super wild when the finality comes about. Once again, Coke joins me for the coop adventure here.

#53: Lunch Lady
This is a rare entry as the game is more of a multiplayer component, pitting you and a few of your friends against the evil Lunch Lady who wants to bonk you with a frying pan and probably eat you for lunch tomorrow. We were able to escape from her a few times after a few rounds of trial and error, and it was good fun for a while. When you put the difficulty up to the highest, it just gets really ridiculous and her speed is out of this world. There’s no chance you can outrun her on those higher difficulties at all.

#54: The Dark Pictures Anthology: Man of Medan (w/ Mz_Amy_Pond)
For the first time, we dive deep into our first Dark Pictures game alongside Mz_Amy_Pond in our first game together. This was an interesting one, considering when you are playing with two different players you get two different camera angles and cutscenes. I found the game storyline to be pretty interesting and really made you think about what’s going to happen all the way to the bitter end. In our first run together here, we were able to escape with everybody intact EXCEPT for the brother who perished on the ladder scene in a complete accident. Boo!

#55: Guerilla War (w/ Cokesodacan)
Our next game takes us back to the NES days, and I actually had a legit copy of this game back in the day as well. I remember trying this game out as a kid, and remembering that you could never really die in the coop mode. It just respawns you, and you just keep on going. Remembering this, I decided I’d try this out in 2021 and Cokesodacan and I gave this one a whirl. It’s a fun little NES game if you are looking for a quick top down shooter where you can’t really ever game over. This has to be probably one of the easiest NES games just for that simple fact.

#56: Assassin’s Creed
And now we’re launching the Assassin’s Creed franchise on the channel! This is like the umpteenth time I’ve played through this game, seen it all, unlocked all the gamerscore, collected all the flags, and done did all of that. This was more of a speedrun kind of, as I didn’t really bother with any of the flags or some of the side missions that aren’t required to get to your next assassination target. I still had a lot of fun on this one, and I at least unlocked all of the Eagle Vision towers, which I think might be required anyway to progress through the game. A lot of people say this one is repetitive, and it is, but I still have a love for it.

#57: Call of Duty 2
Just like we kicked off the Assassin’s Creed series, up next comes the Call of Duty franchise! On this particular run, we play through the game entirely on the hardest difficulty; Veteran. I’ve done this before numerous times, getting all of the gamerscore off of the game, so I knew it could be done and I could do it. This certainly gave me a bit of a challenge in some areas, but I find that the more I play through this game and even on veteran, it gives me less and less hassle the more I get through it. I guess that makes sense with anything. Those Hill 400 levels can suck a lemon, though.

#58: Half-Life
Our first run through the Half-Life series is up next, and on our first playthrough we took advantage of the Sven’s Coop Mod, which allows for several players to join you in coop throughout the entire campaign! This was a lot of fun, and I really can’t wait to do it all over again. Just playing through the Half-Life campaign is super fun on its own, but being able to see a bunch of other players running around as you do it really turns it up a notch. You really can’t go wrong with Half-Life to begin with, can you? I’m just surprised it took fifty-seven games to finally get Half-Life up on the board!

#59: Dead Rising 2: Case Zero
The game that basically became a prequel to the sequel of Dead Rising. Does that make sense? Follow Chuck and his daughter before they end up in the position they are in during the whole of Dead Rising 2. This is a really short game, and I decided to knock out all 200 gamerscore while I was at it on this particular run. Looking back, it’s funny how this became the first Dead Rising game to be played and beaten on the channel, but I guess between the short length and the will to get all of the achievements dictated that one!

#60: Just Cause
I was definitely in the mood for a sandbox game, so I decided it was about time to jump into Just Cause again for the first time in many, many years. I had actually never streamed this game before ever, so this was a pretty cool choice of game to play, despite having gotten the 1000 gamerscore on this game ages ago. I had the physical copy on the Xbox 360, keeping up with the anthem of playing on that console for the most part during this time. This game can get pretty wacky, with you flying and jumping all over the place on all sorts of vehicles. I’ve never played any of the other Just Cause games, so we’ll be doing blind runs through those soon enough.

#61: Reminiscence
Up next, we’ve got a series of free to play games on Steam! This first one was a bit of a weird one, as a black shadow figure chases you around and scares you inside of a house where you can coerce the time and enter two different phases. You’ve gotta find the trigger points to advance the story and hope those points where the jumpscare happens doesn’t get you. Not really much more to say about this one, apparently I felt like scouring the free to play Steam game page would add a bit of variety to my list.

#62: My Friend is a Raven
Another free to play Steam game with a really cool art style. I believe this game is supposed to be in the theme of another game franchise or series and this just expands upon a bit of the story from that game. I quickly realized that Two Stars Games had some of the coolest art I had seen on the indy game market, and I quickly wanted to play more of their games just because of this. This game in particular is short with multiple endings, depending on how you get through it and talk to your pal, the raven.

#63: Fear in Hospital
We’re currently in the middle of July, but hey we’re gonna find those free Steam games and play the hell out of them, even the horror ones! This game had a really strange ending, and actually bugged out on me at the very end of it. Rather than play through the whole thing again, we just counted it as a finish because I was in the ending room anyway. You basically just walk around the hospital, trying to find out what happened and hope you don’t die from the evil ghosts and spirits wandering about. It’s your basic free Steam game with some familiar assets.

#64: We Went Back
Up next on the free to play Steam game block, a game about waking up from within a pod on a ship and trying to figure out what happened to the rest of the crew. I will admit, this one was actually pretty fun with some really great graphics to it. It’s a shame it wasn’t any longer or released as a full fledged game because I felt like this one could have done really well! After you’ve found a few objects and advanced through a few rooms of the ship and get jumpscared a few times, it all comes to an end right as it starts getting good. I would love to see more of this!

#65: Night in Riverager
Finding out about more Two Star Games on Steam, I dug this other free to play game up by them and jumped right into it. This one is pretty creepy, and leaves a lot on the table as well. You have to go out into the dark woods at night and collect some items. This is more like a story prequel of something bigger and better that I think never really came out. You’ve gotta get some branches, cross a bridge and then the game really comes to an end. Once again, I felt like this game could have been pretty big had it been a full release or something, but I guess that’s a good thing.

#66: Cloud Climber
This is basically a walking simulator about the end of the world and how people have built cities way up high in the clouds as a means to survive. There’s nobody else around, and you are left trying to figure out where everybody went and what went wrong. This is another game under the Two Stars Games banner, so you know they left a really good impression with me. Yet another free to play Steam game, as I was really trying to expand out and play everything all across the table. This one’s really short and less interactive than the other ones with basically just walking and dialogue.

#67: Case #8
Oh yes, here it is. The meme of all meme games. Case #8 is officially stamped number sixty-six in Croakitoad history, and I wouldn’t have it any other way! This game has been taken down from Steam, so you can’t even look it up or get it anymore. I believe you might be able to get it on some abandonware sites, but it’s funny to me that when you search for the game, you find maybe four reviews, including mine and that’s all you get. There’s this one puzzle that had me stuck for ages a few years ago, so hopefully I knew the answer this time around when I got through it. This one has a bit of a meme charm to it in the Croakitoad community.

#68: Eternal Evil Prologue
Another free to play Steam game, this one is about a bunch of zombie vampires that have taken over the city and you’ve gotta eliminate them and survive. Unlike a lot of the other free to play games I’ve done on this list, an actual game for this prologue did come out! Shocking! I have yet to play it as of this article, but I do plan on doing it eventually. The game looks and sounds great, but I felt like the combat was a bit unbalanced and some of the puzzles were a bit too complicated. Other than that, it’s a fine Resident Evil style game that most would enjoy for being what it is.

#69: Open Season
It’s number sixty-nine and also our very first children’s game on the list and in Croakitoad history! I actually had the physical copy of this game on the Xbox 360, still hanging onto it from my old achievement gamerscore days back in the mid 2000’s. This was a pretty quick game, obviously made for kids who were fans of the movie. This was the first time I had ever streamed the game before, so that was neat and it was a bit of fun to just casually play through this game knowing I could easily beat it. There’s a lot of games like this I have yet to play, but we don’t want to pad the count out THAT bad, do we?

#70: House Flipper
We’re down to our final thirty games to the big one hundred mark! House Flipper was one on my radar for a long time, and was definitely something unique to a ton of the other games I had played up to this point, so this was definitely something I wanted to do! This game is super addicting and a lot of fun if you are into cleaning things up without actually having to… you know, clean things up. I had no idea what to expect coming into this game and whether it would be worth it or not, but it actually ended up being a lot of fun and super addicting. I can’t wait to play other games in the ilk of this game, like Power Wash Simulator and things like that. This is definitely some variety to this one hundred games list.

#71: Max Payne
The reason this game hadn’t been played ages before this time was because we were waiting for the anniversary of Max Payne which was right around the end of July. This one is an all-time classic and you just simply cannot go wrong with Max Payne, let’s face it. I could play through this game so many times and it never get old, especially the first half of the game which is my favorite part. I’m glad I could include Max Payne into my first one hundred games on the channel, I definitely would have felt like I’d be slacking if I hadn’t.

#72: Red Dead Redemption
Red Dead Redemption is up next, and I knew I wanted to get this one done since I have never played Red Dead Redemption 2. I had to get through this one first to be able to get there, so here we are. I have played this one before earlier in my life and knew how fun it was, but I wanted to get this one up on the board at Croakitoad so it was there. I really can’t wait to play the sequel and see how the story plays out, so we’re definitely in the clear now. In fact, a year later, I’d actually play through Red Dead Revolver as well, which apparently has nothing to do with the Redemption story. Either way, tons of fun and definitely one of the best sandbox games of all time!

#73: The Darkness
I’m just noticing how Xbox 360 heavy this list has become starting from the halfway point. Wow! Lots of Xbox 360 games on this list, and this one is included. I must have just went down my physical library of games knocking them out left and right based upon how I felt. This one is another one that I played back in the day, got all the gamerscore on it, and never really ever revisited again. Streaming and playing this for the first time on Twitch was a lot of fun, and brought back that feeling of newness because of that. This is a fun first person shooter with some quirky gimmicks attached to it based on the comics of the same name.

#74: Aliens Vs. Predator (2010)
Literally never played this game before, so this was another fun one to do after The Darkness had concluded. Playing through the game in three seperate campaigns as the Xenomorphs, Predators and Marines was pretty fun, and I can’t really remember who I had the most fun as. Probably the Xenomorphs, I’d say. The predator campaign was actually a bit challenging, with lots of choke points and parts where you die a lot. Overall, a fun game if you are into this whole deal and lots of variety when it comes to playing through the game.

#75: Halo: Combat Evolved (w/ Cokesodacan)
It took seventy-five games for Halo to finally show up? Sheeeesh! Well, at least it’s here. We played through the entire campaign on legendary and did it in coop alongside Coke as per the usual. Playing on the hardest difficulty isn’t so bad when one person can stay back and just trigger the respawns, so yeah there’s that. Unfortunately, they took that away in Halo 2, so that run got a whole lot harder, eventhough we didn’t do it on legendary. This is probably my favorite Halo game of all time, it’s just hard to beat. It’s so much of a classic and just so much fun alongside a friend. You can’t go wrong with it.

#76: Secret Service
This is a pretty unique game as it pits you as a secret service agent at the White House tasked with what any secret service agent is supposed to do; keep the president safe. A terrorist attack comes down hard and you are needed to FPS your way through Washington D.C. to eliminate all the baddies and find out where the threat came from, which usually comes from within, am I right? This game isn’t the best FPS in the world, but the unique story and way it was presented gives it a few brownie points I feel. Once again, we’re on the Xbox 360 theme here because this was yet another one. When are we gonna get a Sony game?

#77: Gun
Not here! Because Gun is yet another game in my Xbox 360 collection that I once mastered and finished off entirely. We play through this third person western shooter and remember just how hard this game can get towards the end. Some of those game ending bosses are just stupidly hard without any warning whatsoever, and it gets really annoying. I’m just glad we played through this one and got it finished. I must have had a bit of western loving left in my mind, since I had just beaten Red Dead Redemption earlier on the list.

#78: The Legend of Zelda
Alright! We’re back on the original Nintendo and it’s definitely not something found on my Xbox 360! Here we go, the classic of all classics and the game that kick started it all for the Zelda franchise! While this wasn’t my first Zelda game on this list, it’s certainly up there for being a game that I do really enjoy playing and have a lot of fun with! I don’t have all the dungeons or items memorized, but still always fun to enjoy this game I remember having as a little kid back in the NES days. I had that gold NES cartridge of this game and thought it was the coolest thing ever.

#79: Super Mario World
The very first Super Mario game on Croakitoad took seventy-eight games to get there, but we finally did it! What can you say wrong about this? I mean this is one of the greatest games of all time. Like most older gamers, I had this game free with my Super Nintendo and spent so many hours playing through this game. I could never beat it as a kid, but finding out about the place where you can farm 1UP’s and items really made a difference later down the road. I always enjoy playing through this masterpiece of a game, and it’s actually fun to see something outside of the realm of Xbox 360 on this list right now.

#80: Area 51 (w/ Cokesodacan)
Remember going to the arcades and seeing Area 51 with the two guns and thinking it was the coolest thing ever? Well, Coke and I were able to get this sucker up and working on the PC and it was actually pretty fun. We played through it a few times and got the ending a few times just because how fun it was. You don’t have to worry about popping quarters in when you play it like this, but you do run out of lives so we did have to be careful! We’ve been talking about playing through again and getting the alien side of things, which would be cool to do.

#81: Resident Evil 7
There was a TON of Resident Evil at the start of this list and then it didn’t show up again until here in August 2021. During this playthrough, not only did we beat the main campaign of the game and finish that off, but we also took down the campaign DLC’s which I found to be pretty okay. I think my favorite one had to be the one where you are trying to escape as Zoe. I feel like the first half of this game is super good and really well done when it involves the Baker Estate, but then it just kind of drops off towards the end of the game. Despite all of this, we took this game down and just plowed through all of the content in the same time as we begin our countdown to the final twenty!

#82: Ryse: Son of Rome
I originally got this game on the Xbox One, and really think this is a pretty cool game. The violence and gore it depicts is really awesome and just showcases how brutal things were back in the days this game’s story takes place in. I believe this was one of the original games released for the Xbox One, so it really wanted to showcase all of the abilities of the console and you can tell they tried really hard to do that. While I feel like this game is fun and all, I also think that if you play this thing on harder difficulties, it gets very difficult very fast! I’m not really sure what went into my thinking of choosing this game at this time, but I think it was a good choice in hindsight considering this is a pretty niche game based on its story.

#83: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Fall of the Foot Clan
The ninja turtles are back again! It’s been a while since we saw these radical dudes, and they certainly made a showing a few months back when we plowed through most of the old beat ’em ups from yesteryear. This begins a series of anomalies, since this game was a side scroller released on the original Nintendo Gameboy! I had played through this one before, realizing just how short it was and really wanted to tackle this one again. Obviously, I had never played it on Croakitoad, but I had before previously and knew there’s a few more games on the Gameboy that I can get through next upon completing this one.

#84: Super Mario Land
The second Mario game in Croakitoad history comes in at eighty-three and is the original Super Mario Land on the Nintendo Gameboy! This game is also pretty short, but also contains a really sweet level theme that I really enjoyed when you seem to be traveling through Japan. I guess since I had already been on the Gameboy for the previous turtles game, I figured I might as well get another Gameboy game down on the completion list and so here we are. This one isn’t that hard and doesn’t take a long time to complete, which was perfect for what I was setting out to do here.

#85: Pokémon Red
Holy shmokes it’s about time we get an actual Pokémon game on this list! Let’s get the first generation of this legendary game series up and going now, shall we? At this point, we’re getting towards the end of August 2021 and Pokémon Red was the answer given to me by Twitch chat after I asked which version we should play through. I feel like I’ve ran through this game so many times in the past, I’m really starting to memorize a lot of stuff about it. That’s a good thing, though! Really enjoy this game with all the varieties you can bring to the table based on all the different Pokémon you can utilize. This officially kicks off the series though, so thank God!

#86: Quake
From Pokémon to Quake, that’s the life of a variety streamer right there! At this time we’re getting to QuakeCon 2021 weekend, so we decided that to celebrate QuakeCon From Home, we’d play through the original Quake and also do it utilizing a coop mod that had a ton of us playing together through the entire campaign! This was a lot of fun to do and we all had a blast fighting our way to the final boss. This was a great way for Croakitoad to celebrate it’s first QuakeCon officially, even if the event was done from home. I’m glad that we could ring it all in by playing the event’s namesake and doing it all through coop with a bunch of friends made it that much better!

#87: Wolfenstein 3D
Since we had already completed the original Quake together and QuakeCon 2021 was still ongoing, I decided how cool it would be to play through the original Wolfenstein 3D together as well! That’s exactly what we did, traveling through miles of nazi fortress clicking on secret walls and trying to find the keys to get in the elevator and advance to the next floor! We were finally able to make it through every episode of the game together and take out the final boss of the game’s expansion which was a huge surprise to all of us at what it was, lol. All in all, took us about three and a half hours of mindlessly shooting and running around to get to the final expansion level from the first level! Let’s go QuakeCon 2021!

#88: Double Dragon Neon (w/ Zazzeris)
Cooping madness with Zazzeris is back, and we played through a game we had done several years earlier but with really bad internet connection amongst the two of us. This time around, we didn’t really have that problem anymore, although the game’s servers gave us a bit of hiccups here and there. We were able to finish the game off and beat it, thanks to the help mostly from Zazzeris. This is the first Double Dragon game on our Croakitoad completion list, but it included coop so there’s that. Well worth the wait, I suppose. Naughty naughty!

#89: Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor
We hadn’t really played a massive sandbox style game in a while, so it was about time to mix it up and toss in a big boy game here at the eighty-eighth spot on our list. I played this game many years before, but never really looked into the story that closely, so I took this opportunity to really delve into the game’s story and really enjoy it. I really love the hierarchy system in this game, as you don’t really see anything like that anywhere else. The combat can get a bit annoying at times in this game, especially in one of the DLC’s, but overall this is a super fun game to get through, especially if you love Lord of the Rings.

#90: Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End
Ten games away from the big one hundred mark! Up next, we’re back on the Xbox 360 again with one of those movie games from that era that most people groaned about. This game isn’t bad at all to get the full 1000 gamerscore on, which I had done years before this by this point. However, I had actually never streamed this game before at all and it had been years since I played this, so hey; might as well, right?! There’s not really a whole lot to say about this game other than the fact it follows the movie’s script pretty closely while also taking a few liberties not seen in the film at all. It’s just your typical mid 2000’s movie game for the Xbox 360, really.

#91: Gears of War 2 (w/ Cokesodacan)
It’s been a wild ride, hasn’t it? Gears of War comes back with its sequel here on the ninetieth spot on our list. It’s been a while since we saw the original game back on the fourth spot on the list, but by now we’re at the very end of August 2021 and it was definitely time to get our next Gears on. This time around, I play alongside Coke and we run through the locust hordes in this sequel that turns dark and sad towards the three-quarter point of the game. I always felt like this game starts what ends up happening in Gears of War 3 and I hate it, while also loving the game. So conflicted. Either way, this game is a lot of fun to do in coop just like any Gears game so this was no problem for me to add to the list.

#92: Kirby’s Dream Land
Those old Nintendo games must have stuck with me going into September and on the other side of QuakeCon, because here comes Kirby with his first game on the Croakitoad list, and we’re back on the original Nintendo Gameboy as well! This game is pretty easy to complete, even if the latter levels do get a tiny bit challenging for the player. Honestly, I felt like this game would probably be missing something if I didn’t at least get the original Kirby game on the completion list, so there’s that. We’ll see how far this Nintendo theme goes now that Kirby is in the bag.

#93: XIII
The Nintendo run has already come to an end, as XIII comes in here at this spot. A game that was recommended to me by several people, and one I had actually never played before at all in my life. This was pretty fun, a shooter with cel-shaded technology which was pretty rare for the time and still kind of is. The story is pretty easy to follow and even includes voice acting from Adam West, how can you go wrong with that? I saw a pretty funny glitch towards the end of this game where the enemy is just sliding around on the floor. That was probably the biggest highlight from this playthrough, lol. Not taking anything away from the game of course. It had stealth, lots of guns, running and gunning.. all the typical stuff you’d expect from an FPS.

#94: Half-Life: Blue Shift
Blue Shift is up next, and we’re just going to immediately tackle the Half-Life franchise pretty quickly right here! It wasn’t that long ago where we were dashing through the original game utilizing Sven’s Coop Mod, and now we’re back again doing the same thing in the first expansion to the game; Blue Shift. You take the role of security guard Barney Calhoune at Black Mesa and follow his journey during the events of the original game. You might even see Gordon Freeman a few times along the way! As usual, this was a lot of fun with friends in coop.

#95: Homefront
More FPS carnage! This time around, we’re being invaded by a unified Korea and we’ve gotta put a stop to this, or at least try to! This is a super short campaign for a game that was trying to be hailed as the next best thing outside Call of Duty. I’m not really sure it ever achieved that status (it didn’t), but the campaign was well fun at least. I try to not look too closely at what the multiplayer was like or the criticisms there, but the single player is what I’m really focused on. I completed it in about three hours time, so super short, but had some interesting elements to it and a unique storyline you don’t usually see.

#96: Frontlines: Fuel of War
The FPS theme continues on this list as we head back to the Xbox 360 once again in a game that kind of just came and went at the time of release. The campaign can be a bit of fun, and messing around with the tanks in this game had a few funny moments resulting in a funny clip. The game does have a unique story where China & Russia have teamed up to try and take the last of the world’s oil supply. There are limited “deployments” per level which is a bit silly, considering this is a FPS game, but playing it on an easier difficulty takes that problem out of the equation. Some real-life clips of politicians during cutscenes were pretty cool to see, but other than that it’s just a typical FPS military shooter.

#97: Sonic the Hedgehog
This begins a short series of Genesis games that I thought I should include before we round out the first one hundred completions at the channel, so I figured not including Sonic the Hedgehog would be a slight to my first one hundred games, so Sonic gets the ninety-sixth spot on this list! This is an all-time classic that should be included in any top one hundred games list, even if I do feel like it should have been a lot earlier in the list. Ah well, at least we finally got around to it, right? This game can be pretty grueling if you aren’t on your A-Game, and does have that whole limited lives thing before you game over, you have to be pretty careful about how fast you go and how accurate your fastness is going.

#98: Golden Axe (w/ Zazzeris)
I started off the Sega Genesis block of coop play with Golden Axe, playing alongside my good buddy Zazzeris! We play through this age-old classic and boy was it a lot of fun! Taking down the Death Adder at the end of the game and working your way to get to that point is as intense as ever, so you are always hoping in the back of your mind you have enough lives and continues left to actually make it to the end and beat the game. This game can get really down to the wire when it comes to the sharing lives and all that, too! Phew, we actually did it though!

#99: Streets of Rage (w/ Zazzeris)
Directly after beating Golden Axe, we decided to rock and roll on Streets of Rage to keep the Sega Genesis theme rolling that night on September 5th, 2021! We knew that this game would be the ninety-ninth game on the list, so we wanted to make it special and have a good time doing it. At this time, I had no idea what I was going to do for my one hundredth game, so we were literally just going one game at a time. Streets of Rage is definitely a lot more friendly to playing in coop, where there is no constant reminder of losing lives and continues. I felt like this game was a lot more leniant compared to Golden Axe in that regard. Some of the bosses and levels towards the end were a headache, but nothing that Zazzeris and I couldn’t handle!

#100: Resident Evil (Remake)
And that brings us to our one hundredth game and the final game on this list! We come back to where it all started, Resident Evil! We come back to the Spencer Estate and revisit it on the remake version of the same game that we started with oh so many months ago on the original PlayStation. This was a decision made by me the same day I did this, as I didn’t really know what to celebrate the one hundredth game with, but figured that I should try to keep some sort of theme going for the occasion, so here we are! You can’t go wrong with this game, as it’s just a really great game and also one of my favorites. I couldn’t really think of anything better to celebrate the big 100 with other than this, so this was a great choice in my mind.

  • Let’s Play Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare (Veteran Difficulty Run)
    Let’s Play Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare (Veteran Difficulty Run)

    We revisit one of my favorite FPS games of all time on the Xbox 360 via the Xbox One! This is a complete run through the game on veteran difficulty, collecting all of the intel collectibles along the way! What a fun and amazing campaign

  • Let’s Play Alan Wake Remastered (Nightmare Difficulty Run)
    Let’s Play Alan Wake Remastered (Nightmare Difficulty Run)

    One more time through the game on the hardest difficulty and to collect those nightmare exclusive collectibles on the way. This ended up being not as bad as I thought it would be, but there were a few choke points in the playthrough

  • Let’s Play Alan Wake Remastered (100% Collectibles)
    Let’s Play Alan Wake Remastered (100% Collectibles)

    Playing through the game on normal difficulty and collecting all of the 200+ collectibles on the way. This was a fun experience on the remastered, but I can only imagine what it’ll be like on the nightmare difficulty for the achievement