QuakeCon 2022: Spending the BYOC from home


It was time for the annual QuakeCon event to roll around once again this year, and we were ready for it one more time from home! Despite the disappointment that it wouldn’t be a live event once again this year, we made plans to celebrate regardless and have a whole lot of fun like we always do come QuakeCon time! This year, we decided to make the most important aspect of QuakeCon 2022 about finishing both chapters of Final DOOM: TNT Evilution & The Plutonia Experiment! As usual, this was a whole lot of fun and completed utilizing the Brutal DOOM extension and cooperatively among the community!

We had a lot of fun rippin’ & tearin’ through every level of Final DOOM during QuakeCon! Whoop!

To start the whole thing off, however; I decided to have a really fun run through Fallout 3 for the first time on this Croakitoad Twitch channel and it was indeed; fun! I managed to complete the main story, all five of the DLC’s, collect every bobblehead in the game and also complete just about every single side mission in the entire game! Lots of fun to toss in some Fallout love for QuakeCon this year as that usually doesn’t happen very often.

Showing off all of my Fallout bobbleheads in game.. and out of the game as well!

Another really cool achievement that took place during this event on the Twitch channel was the fact that I actually broke 500 Twitch.tv followers on my channel during this time! That was a super awesome accomplishment, and I am glad it took place during QuakeCon 2022! Perhaps next year I will break another Twitch follower milestone during QuakeCon 2023? I mean, it’s entirely possible and just further adds onto the hype that is the event that comes around once ever year!

I broke 500 Twitch followers during QuakeCon 2022!

And, of course, it wouldn’t be a QuakeCon event without getting some swag, am I right? This year was no different, as I was able to secure the official QuakeCon t-shirt, a few badges and the QuakeCon 2022 limited edition rotating quad damage statue to add to the awesome game memorabilia collection! While this event was all done from home and I’ve been severely missing the hype of hanging out with friends in person and all of the amazing hype that comes from attending in person, this was a really chill and fun weekend to be able to spend gaming and spending time with friends! I’m already looking forwards to next year and seeing what awesome new announcements and details are revealed with all of the new changes coming to QuakeCon, Bethesda and Microsoft!

It wouldn’t be a QuakeCon without picking up amazing swag and getting the official badge!

Thanks for reading and I look forwards to seeing everybody next year, hopefully in person right from the BYOC! Happy peace, love and rockets, all!

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