When Croakitoad became a Twitch affiliate on March 19th, 2021, I wasn’t expecting the first ten founding subscribers to act so quickly. Within a day, all ten spots for the founder’s badge for the channel were filled. I just want to take this time to recognize the first ten subscribers and thank you all for your support with me moving forwards. I appreciate you all and I hope that we can all create new, amazing moments in the future as a community and as gamers!

First Ten Founding Twitch.tv Subscribers:
1. Portal_guy_d
2. Darksageron
3. Wizardboz12
4. Ashterial
5. Plifer
6. Trashbagsev
7. Phantomcaboose
8. Zazzeris
9. oo7565
10. Deputydawgy

Thanks again to everybody who quickly jumped in to subscribe to the community, and thanks to everybody else who also subscribed but just narrowly missed out on the founder’s badge. Perhaps one day when Croakitoad becomes a Twitch partner, we’ll be able to recognize the full group of founders who helped launch this new community and channel off the ground!