(TRLE) Postmortem by Drobridski

I have to say that this TRLE is probably the wildest one I’ve played so far! Nothing about this TRLE looks anything like anything I’ve experienced so far when it comes to playing TRLE levels. The character is different, the color scheme is drab and devoid of color other than the red of your character and a few other items. I had a hard time with some of the mechanics like the traps on the floor, but overall we got through it. I think you have to get through it before the time runs out to get the best ending, but I’m not exactly sure? This one was crazy, I had no idea what to expect going into this one and I still am trying to wrap my head around how this TRLE looks compared to most other things I’ve tried and played!

Here is the link to the TRLE for download: https://www.trle.net/sc/levelfeatures.php?lid=3448

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