Awake, hollowed. It’s time to begin your journey through Lordran! Despite the difficulty that this game is known for and how hard it is to even begin stepping foot into the game, this is one of my favorite games of all time. The amount of variety you can put into the game allows for multiple playthroughs and it just never gets old. I love the plot, architecture, creatures, bosses, environments, music. This is just a complete gem of a game to me. I was able to make it through the entire game plus the DLC without much relative care other than the Kappa Demon giving me some fits and the Bed of Chaos utilizing her amazing platforming kills against me. Pretty much every other boss in the game was felled within 1-3 attempts by me, most of which 1-2 attempts. I CANNOT complain about this run, I had a really good time running through this. I utilized a dexterity based build using the great scythe, which I had never done before. Really impressed with this weaponset, a great weapon!