Let’s Play Alan Wake Remastered (100% Collectibles)

My first playthrough of the remastered version of Alan Wake takes place in May 2024 on the Xbox One. I am trying to go for all of the collectibles in this run, and I actually do accomplish that. This playthrough is on normal difficulty, as I’ll have to beat the game once to unlock the nightmare difficulty run for my second time. This game is pretty fun and has an interesting story, just don’t ask me what’s going on because I really don’t know. The stamina and combat systems could be a little better in my opinion, but it is what it is. Hopefully in Alan Wake 2, things will be a bit better and improved. Overall, a fun experience to get this Alan Wake min-marathon of sorts out of the way on Croakitoad so that I can finally play more games I’ve not touched before from the Remedy series like Quantum Break, Control and Alan Wake 2! Getting all of these 200 plus collectibles was quite the chore, but we managed to get through it. This playthrough also includes both DLC’s: The Signal & The Writer.

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