Let’s Play Final Fantasy II

Four characters whose parents have all died are featured in the second ever Final Fantasy game in the franchise history, and although not related to the first game at all, have a similiar story in terms of upbringing as the first. The evil emperor of Palamecia has taken control over the land and is threatening horrible matters, so it’s time for us to revolt and try and remove him from power by force! We’ve got to travel all across the land, gathering up magic, weapons and allies to help fend off the empire and take down the evil emperor once and for all, but what happened to our friend Cygnified? Where is he?! This Final Fantasy introduces later game staples such as the chocobo and the character Cid, who’d later appear in more and more Final Fantasy games later down the line in different universes! I had a lot of fun with this game, and didn’t really have much trouble with the XP/leveling system which is unlike anything else in Final Fantasy, although is exactly how modern games like Skyrim work, coincidentally enough! Down goes the Emperor, next is Cloud of Darkness!

  • Let’s Play Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory
    Let’s Play Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory

    It’s time to begin Sam Fisher’s third adventure in Chaos Theory! This is peak Splinter Cell franchise, most people would say. You are sent in to defuse a nuclear situation involving Korea and Japan and find out why your old friend Doug Shetland keeps turning up at the wrong time. Do we have another betrayal…

  • Let’s Play FROSTBITE: Deadly Climate (Steam)
    Let’s Play FROSTBITE: Deadly Climate (Steam)

    This indie Steam game has that “The Thing” feel, with the antarctic horror theme that I am a big fan of. I played this on the normal difficulty since the harder ones can really wreck you easily. Not a bad game that can be done quickly if you know what you are supposed to be…

  • Let’s Play Cute Girls VR (Steam VR)
    Let’s Play Cute Girls VR (Steam VR)

    Not really much to say here. Just three different settings to watch these “cute anime girls” dance around on a loop. You can choose two different sets of outfits on three different environments in VR. I got jumpscared at one point. I’ll play anything. Your booty’s so delicious

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