It’s time to venture forth into the Capital Wasteland! This is the first Fallout streamed on Croakitoad, and was a complete blast! I played the PC/Steam version and managed to rock out the main storyline, I got all of the bobbleheads in the game to complete my collection, we finished all five DLC’s and managed to knock out just about every single side mission in the game! I did utilize a few mods like Fellout from NexusMods to make this playthrough a bit more unique. Some of the enemies were brand new and others were kind of modified versions of vanilla enemies. Nothing to help me cheat through the game or anything like that of course. If anyone out there still hasn’t played this game, I highly recommend it! It’s a game that will stand gaming history for sure. I’ve always enjoyed coming back and playing through this game, and this time was absolutely no different!