When it was decided that I’d go down the Sega route for a few games to fill in what was left of my first one hundred completions, I knew that after Sonic the Hedgehog, I’d have to go with the Golden Axe route. Myself and Twitch user Zazzeris battled alongside each other through the seven stages, making it to the final boss the Death Bringer. And just to think, I always thought the Death Adder was the real final boss of the game, lol. Well, this guy spams his magic a LOT and shreds your health, but with a little luck and determination, we were able to take him down with a flying jump kick at the very last moment! This was a lot of fun to get through cooperatively, bringing me back to the old retro days where you’d sit together and try and beat games. Although, compared to Streets of Rage, this game was pretty unforgiving in terms of its difficulty and shared continues, phew!