Let’s Play Red Dead Revolver

It’s the game that started it all! What a huge difference this game is compared to Red Dead Redemption, lol. I wasn’t really expecting what this game ended up being, but to be fair I had no idea what to expect at all. This game is chapter based, restricting you to a “level per level” kind of situation like most older games. There really is no sandboxing other than the few times you are in the local town and can walk to the different stores and such. You can purchase different weapons and upgrade your health and dead eye, but that’s about as far as it goes into the Redemption element. Some items you can purchase to get lore about Red in his diary or unlock characters in the battle royal CPU versus mode. This story apparently has no affiliation with the Redemption timeline at all, as it follows Red Harlow on his quest for revenge on the man and all of his underlings responsible for killing his mother and father. It’s your classic western story we’ve seen time and time again with the hero getting the payback at the very end, after dealing with some really annoying parts in between.

  • Let’s Play Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory
    Let’s Play Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory

    It’s time to begin Sam Fisher’s third adventure in Chaos Theory! This is peak Splinter Cell franchise, most people would say. You are sent in to defuse a nuclear situation involving Korea and Japan and find out why your old friend Doug Shetland keeps turning up at the wrong time. Do we have another betrayal…

  • Let’s Play FROSTBITE: Deadly Climate (Steam)
    Let’s Play FROSTBITE: Deadly Climate (Steam)

    This indie Steam game has that “The Thing” feel, with the antarctic horror theme that I am a big fan of. I played this on the normal difficulty since the harder ones can really wreck you easily. Not a bad game that can be done quickly if you know what you are supposed to be…

  • Let’s Play Cute Girls VR (Steam VR)
    Let’s Play Cute Girls VR (Steam VR)

    Not really much to say here. Just three different settings to watch these “cute anime girls” dance around on a loop. You can choose two different sets of outfits on three different environments in VR. I got jumpscared at one point. I’ll play anything. Your booty’s so delicious

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