Let’s Play Gun

After playing through Red Dead Redemption recently and then coming back to this, I was shocked at how limited this game was. I won’t break it down too hard though because this was out several years before Red Dead Redemption was released and this was considered one of the earliest Xbox 360 game titles released. That being said, the game does have its merits and is great fun to play once you figure out all of the weird control options for doing things. There are a lot of great voice actors in this game that I never really realized until this playthrough. The campaign is rather short, as I completed it all in this one sitting without doing but maybe two side missions to help a few of my player stats along the way. That’s probably why I got a little salty at the end when the game starts getting really challenging!

  • Let’s Play Sonic & Knuckles
    Let’s Play Sonic & Knuckles

    I can see why a lot of people claim this is the best Sonic game of all time, but I really thought the chaos emerald trials were frustrating and annoying. Otherwise, this is a great game and I had a really fun time with it. We went Super Sonic and put Robotnik down one more…

  • Let’s Play Sonic the Hedgehog: Spinball
    Let’s Play Sonic the Hedgehog: Spinball

    This was a really tough game, even with save states. I found this game to be really confusing at times, not knowing where to go or what to do. I think this game could have been made into something a lot more enjoyable more as a pinball game with fun, rather than the chore of…

  • Let’s Play Gears of War: Judgment
    Let’s Play Gears of War: Judgment

    Baird takes front and center in this game that I thought was a lot better my second time around (here) than when I originally played it. We switched off amongst about six of us to get to the end in 4-player coop, which was a lot of fun, despite mortars turning me into meatballs all…

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