When you think of PlayStation 2 horror, you can’t go much further without including Haunting Ground into the picture! Little did I know that (same as Rule of Rose) that this game would ultimately be as highly sought out and expensive as it would become in recent years. Back when I first was able to get my hands on this physical copy, I just thought it was any normal other PlayStation 2 video game. Really crazy how that works, eh? This run was pretty fun, I found myself not really being annoyed that much other than when the Riccardo part kicks in and everything seems to look the same. Having to run to the different giant machines and deal with the Godstone thing was a bit of a hinderance, but the rest of the game seemed to run pretty fluid. The part at the end (Yes, THAT part) didn’t quite get me this time around since I knew what to do this time around, so there’s that. We got the best ending, by the way! I might come back another time and do another run with Fiona’s different costumes just to unlock the frog costume because why not?!