This was a really fun, wholesome game that was really unlike anything I’ve ever played before. Maybe the closest thing I can think of is Life is Strange, but without all of the unecessary drama surrounding all of the characters. This was more about adulting and adjusting to country life for a small time and experiencing different routes you can take through the game, all at your own choice. In my playthrough, I decided to try and romance both options as far as I could up until the point at the end of the game where it forced me to make a choice. There are three total choices you can end up with at the end of the game. I thought the mail delivery simulator part of the game was actually pretty fun! I don’t think I found it to really be monotonous until probably the last day of doing it, but even then it wasn’t annoying or unbearable. I really enjoyed this little trip to Providence Oaks and I hope that the team behind this come up with something else like this because this was a pretty fun adventure to experience!