Let’s Play Medal of Honor (2010)

This Medal of Honor released in 2010 places you right in the middle of the Afghanistan War. There’s no huge or monumental moments in this game, just down to earth, realistic war. I actually kind of liked this for a change, as it really kept the game realistic for what you’d expect for all of the soldiers who were deployed at this time in real life. It was like watching one of those war movies about the war on terrorism produced and creative by the guys who were actually there and participating. It was very ground level without anything crazy that would take it outside of the realm of Hollywood spotlighting really. The game felt good, the weapons felt good. The only problem I had were some of the checkpoint systems were really oddly placed and the game didn’t explain a lot on what you are supposed to do to advance the scripting. Other than that, well done game and very beautiful. This was an incredible upgrade as compared to Medal of Honor Airborne by far!

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