Let’s Play XIII

You are XIII, or are you? You can’t remember who you are, but you have a tattoo of roman numeral XIII and a key card starting the game off. The president has been assassinated and a group of men only known by number numerals are plotting a white supremist takeover of the United States, and therefore the entire world. It’s your job to figure out who the culprits are and unravel the mystery while stopping the plot altogether. Adam West joins the cast, which made for some funny memes during the run. Overall the game was pretty fun, the graphic style was really cool. My biggest complaints were the checkpoint / save anywhere system being completely broken and how some enemies just randomly spawn. The difficulty of of some of the bosses were a bit annoying too, but overall a fun game. Thanks for the recommendation from Twitch user Mehchewy!

  • Let’s Play Diablo (4-Player Hellfire Mod)
    Let’s Play Diablo (4-Player Hellfire Mod)

    To celebrate the impending Diablo IV, we all play through the original Diablo utilizing the Hellfire mod in four player co-op! This was a lot of fun, even if the difficulty was really ramped up! The catacombs area was absolute HELL for us, but we did take Diablo down

  • Let’s Play Full Throttle Remastered
    Let’s Play Full Throttle Remastered

    This was encouraged to me by Cygnified, who enjoys this game a lot and I can see why! I got all of the achievements in this run for the Xbox One in the process of completing the game. The fact that this is one of Steve Blum’s earliest credits as a voice actor is pretty funny considering how his career would end up

  • Let’s Play Amnesia: The Bunker (PC Demo)
    Let’s Play Amnesia: The Bunker (PC Demo)

    Playing through the demo for Amnesia: The Bunker, the newest Amnesia game released in early June 2023! I found this to be pretty creepy, and a fun take on the Amnesia series! I can’t wait to play the full game a bit later down the road

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