Let’s Play Pokémon Red

The time has finally come for the very first Pokemon video game to be played at Croakitoad! When given a choice, Wizardboz12 selected Red Version for generation one, so that’s what we went with! We also picked Charizard as our starter just because it is red, and also picked up an Arbok because it is also exclusive to red version! We managed to tackle through all of the Pokemon gyms, take down all trainers, get over 50 Pokemon in our Pokedex (including Mewtwo at the end) and find a way to ‘break’ Lance and his dragons in the Elite 4 at the end of the game, utilizing that very same Arbok as a poison type! Thanks everyone for joining me across the few nights that this took place, it was a lot of fun to revisit the very original Pokemon video game!

Here’s the full ending team that I used to beat the game with:

Charizard – Cokesodacan (Lvl. 50)
Parasect – ClosingSniper (Lvl. 50)
Wigglytuff – Thecliffyshow (Lvl. 50)
Arbok – Ashterial (Lvl. 44)
Slowbro – Zazzeris (Lvl. 52)
Rhydon – Mz_Amy_Pond (Lvl. 49)

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