If you’ve ever been a fan of the way the Resident Evil inventory system works in Resident Evil 4, or find yourself being a little OCD about how the items fit into your attache case in the game, you will definitely love this game! They literally took out all of the rest of the Resident Evil game and just simply made forty levels about trying to fit as many items into the alloted space that you can fit. You’ve eventually got to mix up herbs, mix up ammunition and try to fit all of the leftovers into the case before you can move on to the next level. This game was gifted to me by Zazzeris because he knew what I’d like, and he wasn’t wrong! This was a lot of fun, eventhough a few levels had me stumped for a little bit. We managed to get through the entire thing in about two hours, and that’s just playing casually and just enjoying the experience. I hope they make a sequel to this game or add a bit more content to it, because it was really a lot of fun and relaxing to play through!