You wake up finding yourself in an underwater facility with some weird monsters looming about. There’s a giant demon, a mannequin-looking monster who follows you when you turn your back, and a crazed scientist that chases after you. I got stuck once when the monster wouldn’t move out of the way so I couldn’t continue further into the game. HLTB pegs this game as five minutes, which is WAY off. This took me about 45 minutes to finish off, finding all the items and going from place to place in order to progress through the level. It can be short if you know what to do and where the items are, but going in blind is a different story. This CAN get scary just in a way of not expecting the enemies to be near you or behind you, but overall it is a pretty lenient game. The checkpoints are pretty amazing, even if I think I glitched the flashlight spawn out by already having one.