Let’s Play WWE 2K17 (Hall of Fame Showcase)

The WWE 2K17 showcase was a bit lackluster, considering the previous year of WWE 2K16 had the entire “Stone Cold” Steve Austin timeline chock full of matches and also side fantasy matches you could have all a part of the showcase mode. Before that, you had the two long rivalries of CM Punk vs. John Cena and Triple H vs. Shawn Michaels, on top of several other side feuds in that showcase in WWE 2K15. In this rendition of the showcase, you get seven matches based on the seven WWE Hall of Famers inducted during the production of this game. This would be: The Fabulous Freebirds, Sting, Jacqueline, Big Boss Man and The Godfather. Sting and the Freebirds get two matches each, while everybody else only gets one match from their career, most of which they didn’t even win. I was left wondering what this did to help promote any of these people in their induction into the Hall of Fame. Either way, we ran through all seven matches, completing every objective and unlocking everything along the way to beat the showcase for the game. It leaves me with no surprise that WWE 2K18 didn’t even include a showcase mode at all after what seemed like an aftersight in this year’s game. They would bring it back in WWE 2K19 with the Daniel Bryan showcase, so there is that at least.

Here’s a direct link to the Twitch VOD in case the embed does not work!

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