We have finally made it to two hundred game completions at Croakitoad on Twitch.tv! Can you believe it? Because I sure cannot! I knew I wanted Yakuza 0 to be the 200th game for many reasons, but the most important is the fact that I never got to finish this game when I last played it! This time around, we’re going all in and getting to the bottom of this video game! This is still technically my first time ever playing the game, and I enjoyed it really much! The cutscenes are so long you can sit your controller down and just watch it like a movie. The game has a really intense storyline that weaves in and out like watching a television show. I know there is a long line of video games in this series and I cannot wait to tackle them all! For now, though, the original has been beaten! Of course, my favorite part of the ENTIRE game has to be the cabaret club side mini game for Majima. I guess it doesn’t appear in the next game, but makes a return in Yakuza 2. I cannot wait for this! Thanks to everybody who has been there with me for the journey through two hundred game completions since this Twitch channel was started!