50-Fighter Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Simulation Tournament

This was by far my biggest concept yet for my monthly Smash Bash Tournament I do once a month on my Twitch livestream channel! I selected fifty characters from the community to be represented in the game and we held a one night only single elimination tournament in what was the biggest Smash Bash Tournament ever conducted! This was really fun and awesome to watch, considering a lot of characters got some action that didn’t usually see the time of die when being picked by community members. I think for my next major challenge, I’ll either try to have every single Smash Brothers character be represented, or we’ll do a giant 2v2 simulation tournament next time! Either way, my ambitions are big and I can’t wait to see what happens next!

Here’s the link to the official brackets of the entire tournament!

The full list of characters / community members were as follows:

1. Daisy / Nancyhammaker
2. Kazuya / PhantomCaboose
3. R.O.B. / Mileswildmore18
4. Incineroar / Jherr94
5. Snake / Cokesodacan
6. Mii Swordfighter / Linkypoo600
7. Ice Climbers / Joenado97
8. King Dedede / Tommyspud
9. Simon / Portal_guy_d
10. Pac-Man / PegcityCJ
11. Luigi / NE_Dave
12. Pyra / Ashterial
13. Isabelle / Mz_Amy_Pond
14. Ridley / Scorpios
15. Wii Fit Trainer / BaconLara
16. Link / RCMatthews93
17. Wolf / Leojokerhart
18. Inkling / Latinagurl24
19. Cloud / Lokky99101
20. Peach / AliciaWarriorPrincess
21. Mega Man / Wizardboz12
22. Mr. Game & Watch / SeanNevermore
23. Diddy Kong / Morzall0055
24. Joker / Roxas997
25. Little Mac / Trashbagsev
26. Bayonetta / TheChainTV
27. Donkey Kong / Nopeitsnate
28. Wario / Fuse4Spence
29. Mario / ClosingSniper
30. Falco / DeRockGaming
31. Duck Hunt / MehChewy
32. Terry / Zazzeris
33. Ryu / Albadragon88
34. Villager / Darksageron
35. Piranha Plant / MrKantot
36. Pichu / Plifer
37. Greninja / ExpertMedalHI
38. Jigglypuff / Thecliffyshow
39. Sephiroth / Laurenfaith
40. Lucas / Jamiezman2017
41. Robin / Honeylilye
42. Pikachu / MommaDisney
43. Kirby / Julie508
44. Ness / Oo7565
45. Sonic / Croakitoad
46. Steve / Jerromy
47. Meta Knight / DeputyDawgy
48. King K. Rool / Bamcobalt1990
49. Captain Falcon / Seantheshow
50. Byleth / Hellomynameisxero
51. Zelda / Fentonyl

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