This game is actually just a series of police interrogation tapes that you much sift through by searching for them utilizing certain keywords you manually input. You are trying to get to the bottom of a man’s murder and ask his wife questions about her past, the marriage and the murder situation in itself. What you unravel is a really crazy story that makes you wonder all the way to the very end. In my case, I was still questioning what was going on so I had to actually look up the game on Wikipedia and figure out the whole story being told. I had an idea of what was trying to be told here, but I just had to know for sure! I was able to get the achievement for 75% of the footage, so I got almost all of it on my own. This is not like any game I’ve ever played before, but it’s been sitting on my game list for ages so I figured I’d actually give it a shot after all of this time! If you like unraveling plots and murder mysteries, this will be your jam!