It’s about time I revisit this game once again for the first time in several, several years! I managed to work my way through the game, remembering a lot of the great stuff that this game contains like the music and some of the environments. None of the puzzles are really that difficult for me and the action was pretty fun. One thing I realized on this playthrough through the game was that Chris’ section on Rockfort Island was pretty short than what I had remembered. Does anyone know how to softlock the game with the Tiger eye stones and the power, because I could have sworn I did softlock the game before doing something random way back in the day with that stuff, but just can’t remember how I did it. Anyway, this was a lot of fun to play through again and I need to do this next time without the infinite green herb glitch, but it’s always so tempting to just do it each time I play through it after my first several initial runs without having any knowledge of that trick.