Follow Alex Shepherd as he returns home to Shepherd’s Glen to find the entire town in complete and utter disarray. To us fellow Silent Hill veterans, it closely resembles what happened over there, but it’s not quite the same. Along the way, you’ll find out about how Shepherd’s Glen is loosely tied into Silent Hill and how some of the events happened due to a tragic weave of unfortunate events involving Alex’s family on one fateful night. The parents of Shepherd’s Glen are not what they seem and have been harboring a secret for many, many years. This game gets a lot of flack from general fans of Silent Hill, but I still enjoy it for what it is. The combat is a bit broken and the dodge system is pretty janky, but the atmosphere, music and setting are all really well done. If you get upset easily over broken combat in games, I don’t know if I’d recommend this game, but once you unlock the alien pistol the game becomes a LOT more enjoyable and you can cruise through it with a lot of enjoyment!