Six guests go to the mansion of crazed inventor and builder Henry Stauf who’s career starts on a very despicable note. You go around from room to room solving puzzles and finding out what happened when the guests find out what happened to Henry Stauf, who locked himself inside his mansion was never seen again. When you finally make it through all of the puzzles in the game (some pretty difficult), you find out that Stauf tried to convince the guests to bring a seven, a boy named TAD! He needs Tad’s soul to appease the demon who he’s made a pact with. You’ve gotta stop him from taking Tad’s soul, and allow him to escape, despite some of the guests deciding to help Stauf, and some deciding to help Tad escape. This game was definitely ahead of its time, but boy some of those puzzles can be pretty rough! I actually was able to beat the goo puzzle using an automatic puzzle generator to plan my moves!