Gunning and sniping through the massive hordes of undead nazi zombies, one chapter at a time! This was done all through four player coop which was a LOT of fun, especially with the crossplay aspect on Xbox Gamepass! I highly recommend this to anyone looking for a fun game to play with three friends as you just mindlessly slay countless zombies coming at you in endless waves! The campaign brings back an age old massive villain in the form of Hitler himself, as he can’t seem to just stay dead. The final boss of the game is a crazy abomination that is just absolutely nuts! I had a lot of fun playing through this and I am definitely looking forwards to playing through all of the previous Zombie Army games at some point or another all through cooperative play! Thanks to all members of the community who dropped in and out throughout the process of the game, it was a blast to play through, and I look forwards to jumping into a lot of those DLC packs at a later date!