Let’s Play The Mansion of Evil by Lost_Bullet

This was a really fun mod created by a creator known as Lost_Bullet on Twitch who put together a nice survival horror game with fixed camera angles featuring a selection of popular Twitch.tv horror gaming streamers! I decided to play through as Runebee, although things didn’t end well for her. We picked it back up as Bawkbasoup and were able to close out the rest of the game, even whilst glitching out the final boss of the game somehow! Not even sure how I did that, but hey, I break things at Croakitoad, amirite? Thanks everybody for joining and thanks to Lost_Bullet for creating an awesome mod for us to play! I look forwards to playing more work from him and others in future livestreams and for the YouTube channel!

You can find the mod download here: https://lostbullet.itch.io/the-mansion-of-evil/purchase

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