(TRLE) Silent Temple by Kosmo Hankson

This was actually a pretty fun, short trip back to Egypt. You’re trying to find the two pieces of the eye to fit into the door to escape. All the while, baddies will come after you along the way. There’s traps, spikes, clang clangs, water puzzles and everything you could possibly think of between you and your exit. At the very end of this TRLE, you’ll come to a crimson room that has a few enemies I’ve actually never seen before in a Tomb Raider game; TRLE or otherwise which was pretty unique. The race to the finish before the door shuts will send you on your way!

Here is the link to the TRLE for download: https://www.trle.net/sc/levelfeatures.php?lid=3333

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    Let’s Play Sonic CD

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    Let’s Play Sonic Drift

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